Act Now

Thank you for being willing to take action to help Australia’s kangaroos!

1. Click here for a letter you can either print and mail or copy and paste into the body of an email and send to the Federal Minister for Tourism. See below for addresses of each State. Copy and paste into an email and send to them too.

2. Click here and sign our moratorium petition – if you haven’t already. If you have PLEASE don’t sign again, as duplicate signatures don’t count and only make more work for our unpaid volunteers.

3. Click below for other kangaroo petitions:-

4. Write to the Tourism Dept for each state:-

Northern Territory -
Queensland -
New South Wales -
Victoria -
South Australia -
Western Australia -
Tasmania -
Canberra - and

Get your friends to do likewise! Let’s bombard Australia’s tourism offices.

Boycott all travel to the A.C.T. until their horrific annual kangaroo massacres cease! Write to Canberra (above). More at

If you are an Australian citizen, join the political party doing the most for animals in general and our wildlife in particular. Visit
Learn about AJP policies at
  1. 7.Driving with Wildlife in Mind

To avoid colliding with a kangaroo in certain areas kangaroos graze by the roadside, take the following precautions:-

  1. *Slow down if you see kangaroos by the roadside to 60 kph, dip your bright lights and toot your horn

  2. *Attach a Shu Roo device to your car (ultrasonic sound that warns them of your approach)

  3. *If you see a dead kangaroo on the road or by the roadside, check for a joey in the pouch or waiting nearby. Call the local wildlife carers for assistance. If the kangaroo is still alive but injured and you call the police they will shoot it. Some wildlife carers know how to rehabilitate certain injuries (with the help of a wildlife vet of course). It is illegal to hit an animal and keep driving without rendering assistance. Always remove dead animals from the road in order to avoid more deaths of those who feed on their carcasses.

  4. *Request local councils to leave grasses by the roadside high to avoid kangaroos grazing there. Kangaroos prefer short grass as it has more nutrients. If councils did not mow by the side of the road and instead left high grass off the road (using a grader to remove grasses too close to the road) there would be fewer kangaroos grazing close to the road.