I cannot understand the attitude of the Government and of the tourism industry, who is attracting visitors because of the australian fauna..The developers should be forced by councils to make wildlife corridors for every one of their developments.. Here in Cairns the road is littered with dead bodies and clusters of Wallabies are stuck to soon starve in small enclaves with no exits..shame...

Annick Pouchol, Clifton Beach, QLD

let them live!!!! they have a right to live in their own country! they have more rights then humans, they where here first. don't do what we did to the aborigines - take their land and kill them!!!!

Bea Brinkley, Red Hill S, VIC

Kangaroos are worth more alive to Australians as an icon and for tourism. The Australian reputation will be decimated if we allow our kangaroos to become extinct in the world's largest wildlife massacre, the commercial kangaroo industry.

Phillip Cornelius, Seacliff Pk, SA

The moratorium is essential. Stop killing kangaroos and verify the facts and statistics. It's up to you - do not add another Australian animinal to the extinction list.

Jennifer Lang, Annerley QLD

stop the killing of our national animal the beautiful kangaroo. I will never eat kangaroo meat and will not eat in restaurants they service kangaroo dishes.

Dagmar Doss, Shailer Pk, QLD

Kangaroos are integral to Australia and a genuine icon. We have destroyed the habitat of our native wildlife in less than 200 years. This is a dreadful legacy for our children, their children and so on. At the rate we have destroyed and are continuing to destroy our native flora and fauna, I can only hope that you and those with the power to halt this activity will do so, for all Australians and mankind. We are losing the reason to be proud Australians.

Glendell Appleford, Wivenhoe, QLD

This Moratorium would be a start, but nothing less than a complete ban on the slaughter of these wonderful creatures is acceptable. If Australia continues down the present commercial killing path then there is no doubt they will eventually be wiped out. This must not be allowed to happen. Haven't we already done enough damage to our precious wildlife? We do not have a proud record in this regard, and now is the time to turn things around before it's too late.

Kay Muddiman, Crooked Corner, NSW

Please care for our unique kangaroos and stop ruthtlessly exploiting them and treating them with violence and brutality. They are worth more to Australia and the world alive not dead. Eco-tourism would create more nurturing, caring and responsibility in the world . Furthermore, a shift to a more plant based diet would be better for everyone's health rather than these ludicrous suggestions for kangaroo farming as a replacement for beef and lamb.

Louise Martin, St. Ives, NSW

These animals have been here for millions of years, white man, only 200. First we adopt them as our national symbol, and now we destroy them. There has got to be something wrong with that mentality.

Gerard Martin, N. Avoca, NSW

Societies can become complacent that numbers of a particular species are abundant. The person who shot the last Thylacine in the wild probably had no idea that he had done so and thus had sealed the fate of this species- extinction. Please take measures to ensure that this society does not do the same to kangaroos which are already becoming locally extinct where they once prevailed. The cruelty involved in kangaroo hunting is something of which Australians should be mortally ashamed.

Jill Quirk, E.Malvern, VIC

When we reduce the number of Cattle used for meat production and milk and rely more on a plant based diet kangaroos will be seen as less of a threat and hopefully the killing will stop.

Anne  Sanders, Montacute, SA

I am horrified to read what is happening to the kangaroo. Please don't let them go the way of the passenger pigeon

Bernard Brennan, ACT

Having witnessed a friend; a licenced shooter in another state slaughtering kangaroos daily, it seems to me impossible that the species will survive our generation without intervention.

Barry Meggs, Seaford Rise, SA

To those who represent the people of Australia in all levels of Government. Please consider the placement of a stop work order or similar and call for a full enquiry into the slaughter of Kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos. The results of this enquiry must be considered by the Government to ensure that more informed decisions are made on the future of these species. It is our morale and ethical obligation to protect these species and retain them, and as much biodiversity as we can.

Gregory Keightley, Glenbrook NSW

try and save as many roos as possible. I feel its bad when its easer to get a culling licence than a rehab one

Roz Holme, Central Mangrove NSW

I urge you to take urgent action in stopping the commercial kangaroo industry from continuing to slaughter our national heritage, at least until a 12 mth moratorium is held "objectively' assessing current declining populations. I for one oppose the commercialisation of our precious and irreplaceable fauna.

Lindy Stacker, NSW

I have been privileged, as a wildlife photographer, to see these beautiful animals living and interacting. I have also seen them killed by human beings who are quite blind to their beauty and who only see $ signs when they look at wildlife and at nature. That attitude is destroying the world, and it must stop before it is too late.

Ray Drew, Deakin ACT

If the Russians (where one joey was tragically beaten to death in their zoo) can understand that kangaroos feel what is happening to their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and so on, why can't Australians? Stop this senseless killing now.

Carol Drew, Deakin ACT

This is abosutely disgusting, kangaroos are Australia's national icon and to slaughter them in their thousands in the most dispicable of ways is beyond belief. What sort of a country is this.

Jo Osborne, S. Caulfield, VIC

This is a national disgrace. Haven't we messed around and manipulated nature in these areas too much already?? Lets apply the Precautionary Principle here as required by the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act!

Avril Cross, Walliston, WA

Hard to teach humans to treat our fellow animals as we would we treated when the commercial media apply the gag on behalf of all profiteers, prelates and party politicians. There is big money in cruel treatment of the non-humans by hunters and the meat and livestock industry. Likewise the Church does not help with their stupid lies about humans being a special creation. The press gag and other obfuscators like priest ensure we all remain uninformed: redneck land, boofhead nation.

Les Hutchinson, NSW

Kangaroos are living and sentient beings who want to live peacefully in the grasslands of Australia. Killing and eating them in this enlightened day and age, when over half the world's population does not eat animals, is appalling. You need to meet some kangaroos and have a close encounter with them to appreciate the horror that is the so-called kangaroo meat industry. Kangaroos are sensitive and are incapable of being 'farmed'. Please stop sending our beautiful wild animals to extinction.

Karin Geradts, Adelaide, SA

Blind Freddy can see we are losing our natural wildlife at an alarming rate . If the Government can't be called upon to halt this - who can!

Mark Poole, Mission Beach, QLD

To similtaneously address traffic hazard and kangaroo losses, I suggest legislation be established to ensure property owners with road fences in Kangaroo know areas, be compelled to have those fences a minimum of 1.8M High, and in good condition.

Gary Goland, Meadows, SA

The Australian government has seriously breached the Environmental Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act 1999 in failing to ensure the protection of biodiversity and native species, making a mockery of protection and instead treating our precious kangaroos as "a renewable resource to be sustainably harvested". With no precautionary methods in place to stop the killing, or to determine if they are at risk (which they are), the government is criminally negligent, driving roos to extinction.

Menkit Prince, NSW

All decent Australians should be ashamed and disgusted at the continuing slaughter of these gentle and family orientated native animals, not to mention the fact that they are recognized world wide as an Australian icon. Shame on anyone who supports this senseless cruelty. Please act now and end this practice immediately.

Kris Bridgfoot, Mission Beach, QLD

There seems little point to criticising the shocking treatment of animals in other countries when Australia has such an appalling record in every state and territory. Our national emblem the kangaroo is just another commodity to be "harvested" for profit without a thought for the welfare of either the individual animal or the species.

Rosina Akhurst, Campbell ACT

The attitude of governments throughout Australia towards the welfare of kangaroos and other animal species appears to be motivated by the potential for material gain, either to the government, industry or individuals. The same old story over and over again, often backed up by the same old self serving "experts" adding strength to their argument by quoting from each other's publications.

Robert Akhurst, Campbell ACT

Please think and feel about Australias beautiful wildlife. We are priveleged to have them share Australia with us. I travel regularly and find it sad to see either none or minimal wildlife in other countries. The people living there have forgotten what they had and when asked they do not know what native wildlife they had or have. Their life experiences and expectations are minimised because of the loss of native habitat and animals.

Jennifer Cappy, Castlemaine, VIC

On behalf of myself and many of the members of Animal Rights and Rescue Group we urge you to take action now to stop the commercial killing of our precious kangaroo and our National emblem. The kill quotas have been far to high every year for many years with various false reporting of the actual truth about the risk to the future of the kangaroo.

Barbara Steffensen, Lismore NSW

When I found out the joey's run off into the bush after their mothers are killed then die of starvation or predation I no longer bought roo "meat" even for the pets as the "industry" was based on inhumane methods.

Joslyn van der Moolen, Mylor SA

Protecting the health of the Kangaroo species is a symbol of our ability to care for the rest of this nation. We have altered the landscape and environment in so many irrevocable ways - we must make the right choices now to ensure the survival and reinvigoration of those species and habitats which remain before they are all lost forever.

Jenny McCracken, Melb, VIC

I strongly support a hault in the commercial and non-commercial slaughter of Australia's most iconic animal and encourage an idependant research study on kangaroo numbers. I also strongly disagree with this mass slaughter due to the obvious animal welfare issues it also poses given that the animals are never guaranteed to be shot out right and the in pouch young are highly traumatised before being horrifically

beaten against any hard object as specified by law.

Fawn Porter, Wollstonecraft, NSW

This should be stopped in all states and Territorys. We are fighting the NT over the culling of 1700 wallabies. The last 300 killed apparently did not have any joeys, what a joke!

Mignon McHendrie, Darwin River, NT

Save the kangaroo! Can you imagine a world without them? You really should because they are disappearing faster than they are being replaced right now. The myths of "competition with Aussie sheep and cattle" and "healthy environmental Aussie bush meat" that whitewash over the true economic reason for this massive cruel and inhumane nightly bloodbath need to be exposed as the lies they are. Put the brakes on this practice before humans wipe another awesome species from the face of the earth!

Edward Birt, Austenmir, NSW

I'm shocked!! I believed the propaganda from the government sources that kangaroos were in plague proportions, it seems we're being misled again. Don't lose our wild kangaroos, they are Australian if you don't like them go back to your origins.

Bill Skinner, Lismore NSW

decc is suppose to help wildlife not kill them

Roz and Kev Holme, Cedar Ck, NSW

Australia needs to consider the risk that is facing our kangaroo populations due to a range of pressures, habitat degradation and fragmentation, increasing human alteration of the remaining natural systems and the drying of our environment due to human induced global warming. Grazing animals, particularly sheep have caused serious damage to our landscape. we need to ensure that the long term survival of these iconic animals is assured and we need good data to make responsible decisions.

Marian McDuie, Aldinga Beach, SA

Often we don't appriciate what we have until it's gone. Australia is famous the world over for it's Kangaroos - they are unique and no amount of advertising money could do for Australia what the kangaroo does. Give the Kangaroos a fair go - don't wipe them out for short term blood money

Mark Johnson, Annandale, NSW

I'm so disgusted that the slaughter of this special animal is continuing. People keep saying 'oh but there's lots' there's not! If we don't stop this there will be no kangaroos, we killed the Tasmanian Tiger with government sanction and now it's the kangaroos. Please stop this slaughter for our children's futures and the economic stability of our tourist industry.

Vicki Stebbins, Hogarth Range NSW

The devastation to wildlife in the name of protecting graziers is well documented. A comprehensive EIS needs to be conducted, taking into account projections in respect of the effects of drought and climate change. In the meantime, when in doubt, STOP KILLING THINGS!!!

Marny Bonner, Alstonville NSW

I am disgusted with the wholesale killing of kangaroos in Australia to satisfy farmers. Please get it stopped immediately

Lourdes Frois, Mt Sheridan QLD

Australia has the world's worst record on species extinction, yet its government continues to allow the wholesale brutal slaughter of its national icon, the kangaroo. However this national icon is good enough to to be used to earn millions of tourist dollars. What cynical hypocrites we are!!

John Frois, Mt Sheridan, QLD

We cannot go on killing all the various species of kangaroos across Australia when we have no real idea how it is impacting on their survival into the future. We may be allowing the extinction of these unique and wonderful animals without realising that we are doing so. We must impose an immediate moratorium until a complete study has been undertaken and we look at creating a sustainable industry including an important eco-tourism component for overseas visitors to view these amazing creatures.

Lydia Kindred, Rosebank NSW

What more can be said. Our conscience can never support the ignorance and disregard which has precipitated the abhorrent management of a beloved Australian icon - and one of our indigenous species. A complete shame on all those involved - the advisers and 'experts' who have instigated this horror and brought blight and despair on the reputation of humanity within this country. Our wildlife needs international protection from human predation- now.

P. Durnin, Ormiston QLD

I am a professional scientist working with the Qld Government, and have been appalled over the last few months at comments by people such as Ross Garnaut, George Wilson and John Ridgeway, that we should eat more kangaroo meat to reduce the carbon footprint created by the cattle industry. We DO NOT OWN these wild animals. They are not ours to buy and sell. The idea of exchanging forms of 'red meat' is a quick and dirty means of reducing our emissions and it is essentially making another species

Jenny Foley, Hodgson Vale, QLD

Enough is enough, the government needs to be more forthcoming with the truth and must face the reality of kangaroo slaughter. The media also needs to take a good hard look at the facts and get the real story out there and not the falsehoods they are promoting at the moment.

Kaye Holdsworth, Woodville NSW

We desperately need to stop commercial killing of kangaroos and the current flood of propaganda emanating from the kangaroo-killing industry. The Australian public are being brain-washed by the industry and uneducated robotic media into believing that kangaroos are in plague proportions and that we should all be eating kangaroo meat to save our planet! The public needs to know the real plight of the kangaroo situation in this country, before it's too late!!

Marian Young, Deakin ACT

Our irreplaceable kangaroos cannot argue their case. We must do it for them. We decry the 200 years of unending persecution which ignores 16 million years of evolution, their ecolgical integrity and their role as reproductive miracle workers. They are the heart and soul ofAustralia so we must do all possible to ensure their survival.

Maryland Wilson, Fitzroy VIC

The number of kangaroos located at the Hawker Pinnacle Reserve has diminished over recent years. Since last May, since Pindone poison baits have been used to kill the rabbits on the pinnacle - they die a slow agonising death and the baits can be eaten by native wildlife with the same effect.

Kerrie Mitchell, Weetanger ACT

Killing quotas for our national emblem is a nonsense and insensitive to the ecological behaviour of this misunderstood animal - our past consideration of the kangaroo as vermin and failure to understand or educate our children on the complex and unique ecology of the kangaroo, shows how we have failed as Australians.

Grant Murray, Flinders VIC

In 1993, almost 1,700 of the world's scientists from 70 countries, including 104 Nobel laureates, signed a "World Scientists Warning to Humanity", which stated that "a great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated." Our treatment of Animals ultimately affects our treatment of each other and our world. It's time we started treating animals much, much better.

Bronwyn Hughes, Mornington VIC

Listen to the science, not the shooters. We have the world's worst record for mammal extinction; let's learn from past mistakes and protect the amazing kangaroo.

Sharyn Munro, Singleton NSW

"The planet can survive without human life but it cannot survive without animal life. The animals are the keepers of the earth, they pollinate it, fertilise it, prune it, aerate it and keep the earth healthy. They are life itself. Without them we are the endangered species, and remember - every time one of them dies, we are ourselves one step closer to extinction"

Maraika Mason, Heathcote VIC

Stop killing our National Emblem. The kangaroo is a herbivore and not a predator. It is also an integral part of environment. The myths perpetrated by the kangaroo meat industry and the politicians who support it are not good Australian citizens and should be ashamed of the kangaroo massacre.

Paul Falconer-West, WA

Labelling a native species as a "pest" or "vermin" is clearly only the interest of australian agriculture. we demand respect for these poor animals. they were here first and they are not pests!! stop this crazyness.

Caroline Raward, Georges Hall, NSW

Please, respect the most unique animal in the world - kangaroos make Australia unique and bring in a lot of tourists. The economic stimulus form tourism is way way bigger than the (presumed) economic wins by commercial shooting – so saving the kangaroo is very important for the future of Australia. Thank you.

Anke Eendebak, Moparraba, NSW

I am at my wits end in trying to understand WHY kangaroos must be slaughtered. What is wrong with this government, will they start killing off Australians to make more room for immigrants. This is Australia, kangaroos have more right to be here than you, me and most importantly any sheep or cow. It is obviously all about the money either that or this government is ill-informed, un-caring, blind and stupid. "You can judge a country by the way it treats its animals" I think that says it all.

Marilyn Mills, Braddon ACT

How can we lobby the likes of Japan against whaling when we are slaughtering our beautiful kangaroos. I am a specialist macropod carer with Wires and have seen first hand the grissly practice of shooters. People should be made aware how loving, intelligent, gentle and vulnerable our kangaroos are, and of their capacity to emotionally bond and exist with people.

Darryl Mills, Brunswick Heads, NSW

As I write this whilst in tears I cannot beleive that we complain about cruelty that other countries perform to their animals. I feel absolutely ashamed to be an Australian. This is what we are doing to our own kangaroos I am disgusted! Change the way we treat our National icon and a living breathing creature! Never will I touch a piece of Kangaroo meat!

Kimberley Brodie, Park Orchards VIC

Please help to put a stop to this terrible cruel murder of our beautifull wildlife making us the laughing stock of the world for wiping out our national icon.the Australian Government should hang their heads in shame

Sidney Matthews, Coffs Harbour NSW

Farmers think macropods are a pest, perhaps look around at the humans & see what distruction they have done to the land, plants & oceans. Animals have been here longer than humans - leave them to enjoy their life.

Gina Neeson, Calliope QLD

Tourists visit Australia to see our beautifull Kangaroos,what will they come for when they are wiped out by this slaughter?

Christine Dentier, Coffs Harbour NSW

I think the slaughter of one of Australia's national emblems is a great shame on Australians, starting with the people who make the decision to cull, the people who do the culling, the general public who do nothing to stop the killings and the people who have the bad taste to sell, cook and eat kangaroo meat. Where is our pride in our nation and our national emblem when we treat it with such disrespect and disdain. I cannot imagine Americans ever doing this to the Bald Eagle.

Connie Becker, Ringwood E, VIC

There needs to be a Public Inquiry into this. Shame on us. How internationally embarassing.

Katie Milne, NSW

This issue is tantamount to Australia's whaling issue and will lead to Australia being embarrassed in the world stage. Kangaroos are indigenous and their ongoing slaughter and the horrendous cruelties committed upon them in the name of an industry must be stopped. As a country it is high time we had this discussion about how we truly feel about animals. We do not need this industry. We need to be investing in science and industries that save, not annihilate our native wildlife populations.

Kerry Baker, Melba ACT

Please do not do this. There are many humane ways to respond to your concerns without killing the kangaroos. I find that Australians contemplating such action stuns me. We point fingers at the slaughter of whales yet we allow this to occur in our own backyard.

Julie Glenn, Currumbin Waters QLD

Where once the kangaroos had a very large habitat it is now reduced to patches. And, because their territory is smaller more gather in a smaller area and we have PLAGUE numbers - but really they are less.

Jan Martin, Cable Beach WA

They live in mobs, just because people see them all together they asume there are millions, but if the were to count the mobs, they would see a huge decline. They are our beautiful native Macropods. Why do what we shamefuly did to the Tasmanian Tiger, and now our Devils.

Teena Hanslow, Cambridge TAS

Horrendous practice and treatment of native animals. We all should hang our heads in shame that this is allowed to happen to an animal that we choose to display on our national emblem

Jakki Colllinson, Ocean Grove, VIC

There has to be a moratorium on kangaroo culling in Australia. Wouldn't it be good if the Government would listen to the people for a change???

Patricia Jones, Hobart TAS

Why can,t people be happy with fruit and veg, and leave these beautiful aniamals alone to sort out there own population. they have been here long before us, and we have to learn sometime how to stop takeing all there land, as it is in our interest with the green house effect or we will be the next to be exstinct.THEY DON"T HURT US WHY PICK ON THEM

Teena Hanslow, Cambridge TAS

After you allow feorestation, pollution of the rivers and the sea, after you slaughter all the Beauty so precious to this country....what will be left but the mediocrity of the human race. Stop the barbaric killing of this most beautiful animal. there are no justification for such a disgusting act but greed, violence, it is unspeakable and must STOP

I am disgraced as an Australian, that we allow this to happen in the 21st century. The government's conspiracy to propagate misinformation and myths supporting this cruel and barbaric genocide of our  There is blood on your hands if you allow it to continue.

Adrian Comiskey, Burleigh Heads, QLD

The lack of independent scientific research on kangaroos is part of the open slather killing that is occurring. The Australian government has responsibility to care for this wonderful animal, part of our heritage, not to mention the interest tourists show in kangaroos. Easy way out - cause extinction? Unfortunately Australian governments don't seem to care.

Olga Parkes, Newcastle NSW

If we are to reverse the damage caused by man, we must not harm our native wildlife. The delicate balance that is our ecosystem is so easily disturbed. Don't mess with it.

Rafael Wynn, McMahons Pt, NSW

How utterly arrogant and hypocritical of whatever government is in power to encourage and support this absolutely shameful and unsustainable slaughter of Australia's innocent and defenceless NATIVE animals for no reason but $$$$s, but then grandstand on the world stage about the killing of whales by the japanese. I just pray these politicians don't realise the obvious too late.

Anne Labone, Oak Flats NSW

The killing of Australian wildlife using various weak excuses, is not a satisfactory response to the people of this great country. We, the participants of this partition represent only a small percentage of what a large number of Australians and the rest of this world think of the killing of Australian wildlife. It is also in Governments' best interest to do something to stop this brutality from occuring, the result, we vote with our conscience.

Ann Borg, Rockhampton QLD

The people that do this, need to be rehabilitated in a clean and stable environment - they are sick in the head

Jess Wynne, Sydney NSW

I think that the culling of our Australian kangaroo is disgusting! When will people learn that the human being is the biggest feral on the planet? The human being causes more damage than any other animal species alive. There are other ways to deal with this 'problem'.

Lyndel Thomas, Maldon VIC

It is Australia's shame that we treat our unique and beautiful native animals like commodities. Kangaroos are gentle and timid creatures who mean harm to no others yet are hunted down like vermin. It's time for this to change. Cattle and sheep grazing has done far more harm to the Australian environment than kangaroos. Let's get rid of livestock, stop relying on animal flesh as food, and adopt a plant-based diet as a sustainable and healthier choice for us and the environment.

Janenne Kornfeld, Brisbane QLD

At the very least the citizens of this country should have some input into the fate of their wildlife. For the Australian Government to exclude us would be dictatorial and unacceptable

Cienwen Hickey, VIC

Aussie Tourist Comments

On outback trips (4WD) camping in wilderness areas and taking the time to check for the presence of kangaroos, I see very few. Sometimes nothing for 100's of kilometres. This is very different to 20 years ago.

In 1995 I went to central Australia on a bus tour via SA and saw not ONE kangaroo! Not one! People who come as tourists are surely going to wonder where are the wild kangaroos? Are they only to see them in reserves or zoos? Certainly not in SA where they shoot them on sight, and nothing in NT where we went.

Vivienne Ortega, VIC

On a recent trip to Innaminka, Birdsville, and beyond (from Adelaide) we were lucky to see kangaroos in only one place in any number at all. In 5000 klms travelled only one stretch of road approx 200klm long, held what the public believes to be the 'normal' number of kangaroos. I can spot kangaroo ears at a great distance and their shape on the landscape is very easy for me to spot. I would rarely miss them if they are there.

Diana McGregor, Crafters, SA

I went for a 250km drive the other week, during daylight, twilight and nighttime. I saw two kangaroos over the whole drive. This was through rural/country area's. And this is not good enough.

Dannielle Patterson, Mannum SA

I travelled through outback Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia hoping to see Kangaroos in the wild. I was devastated to be unable to see more than 4 or 5 single kangaroos in all the time I travelled. Wake up Australia. Our kangaroos are on the road to extintion and what are our Governments doing about it. Handing out licences to facilitate this carnage even further. I would like future generations to experience the joy of seeing one of our national icons in the wild as I did

Robert Grant, Capalaba QLD

I am a wildlife pphotographer and have travelled extensively through QLD and NSW over the past 20 years. I have seen a steep decline in kangaroo and wallaby numbers over that time. It both saddens and sickens me that our national emblem has been shot and killed for dog meat and now human consumption. I am fast becoming ashmed of Australians attitude towards our beautiful wildlife. We seem more concerned with football and winning gold medals at the olympics than caring for out nauural heritage.

John McCann, Brisbane, QLD

I have just spent 4 months driving around Australia and was shocked to see how sparse a lot of kangaroo populations have become. The situation is becoming urgent as a tipping point is approaching for many populations. We simply cannot let this happen. The kangaroo is a stunning creature which has become synonomous with the Australian identity. The profit made by a few shooters is irrelevant compared with the importance of the kangaroo to both locals and tourists. We need action right now...

Simon Turner, Neutral Bay NSW

Many times I drive into country, I dont see any kangaroos very much. It is sign of them going extinction. We must protect them.

Debb Lovett, Australia

I think we all know that the numbers are down you can travell for days now with out seeing a Roo, why wouldn't the numbers be down when millions are killed each year.

John Clabby, Trangie NSW

lets stop killing our wildlife the kangaroo is what australia is all about . dont let them only be seen in zoos , where i live there is none its so so sad

Boyd Hore, Armidale NSW

this is ridiculous i cant belive my fellow aussies are killing these beautiful animals i travel large distances just to see them in the wild its tragic stop it now!!!

Shaun Adams, Bongaree QLD

They are about to open up commercial killing areas. There are less kangaroos here than there were 6 years ago and the killing hasn't even started.

Sandra Nun, Gungal NSW

As an Australian and a farmer that once culled kangaroos before waking up I pray this sensless violence soon ceases

James Cassel, Thumb Ck NSW

the slaughter of Kangaroos is endemic in East Gippsland , not enough wildlife officers to check out illegal slaughter of Wildlife, most areas around Bairnsdale are hard hit by illegal shooting.

Michele Assoun, Bairnsdale VIC

similar problems at Wuk Wuk , continuous slaughter of Kangaroos for fun and dog meat, hardly any kangaroos left in my area , young females are breeding too early, joeys become too big for their mothers to carry full term. Mothers have trouble escaping shooters due to inability to jump fences with heavy joeys....

Libby Knight, Wuk Wuk, VIC

As a child I use to see lots of Kangaroo in my area and out west. I am lucky if I see one or two any more in the wild. Our govt do now want this country unique anymore and yet Kangaroos are part of our biggest draw to Australia.

Christine Moss, Burrill Lake, NSW

It is very sad to see that Kangaroo populations are decreasing. I have always seen kangaroo's ever since I was little, and think that this organisation is fantastic.

Rachel McDonald, Campbelltown NSW

I use to see large herds of kangaroos in western districts,now I only see the occasional roo feeding beside the road. In some areas it srikes me as strange to not even see one or two..a lot of young ppl go spotlighting and I put it down to this. I know Kangaroos in the past have been a pest but there has come a time to regulate the industry and to do a rethink on the animals population status. maybe they are being overculled...

Pamela Doyle, Grafton NSW

We're doing a brilliant job of killing off our native animals and taking over all the viable land in the country. Stop thinking so selfishly! These animals have a right to exist in their own country. There are jokes around the world about how Australians ride kangaroos to school - but the joke is on us - we need to go to special parks to see our own native animals. Could you get any more ridiculous?

Margaret Wheadon, Marden SA

How can you call yourself an Australian when you give the green light to shoot, decapitate, club and torture our national emblem, the kangaroo? You should be ashamed. Please stop this act of cruelty before it is too late.

Melissa Wehrmann, Port Pirie SA

"Common Species" All animals were common species until we started killing them with no thought to what would happen. "Extinction" Thats what has happened to the common species. Stop now before its too late. We have wiped out too many of our native animals.

Sue Kirwan, Eltham VIC

When they are all gone it will be too late to try and save them. The time to stop and assess is now.

Kerry Baker, Ivanhoe VIC


June Frew, Shoalhaven NSW

Why are kangaroos displayed on our money, airplanes, airports, travel brochures when we treat them horribly? To the rest of the world we are thought of as unsophisticated cowboys.

Maggie Rose, Coogee NSW

Kangaroos bring tourist into the county , they spend millions of dollars, is this not a reason to not kill the poor animals. There are unique in the world, should be protected. Gorgeous animal and more social than any human being

Gary Bellesini, Gorae VIC

Kangaroos attract millions of tourists every year they do not want to see dead ones, this is the only country in the world where they live free, they should be protected for ever.

Barbara Hansen, Gorae, VIC

I cannot believe that we hold ourselves up as a country who stands for the underdog and prides itself on its

environmental and ethical standards, when we have been the country who has delivered a sentence of extinction for many of our native species and continue to bury our heads and not care for the ones we have left.

Debbie Fowler, Kotupna VIC

The treatment of kangaroos and joeys is nothing short of the most horrendous torture that could possibly be imposed on animals and is far worse than what the Japanese are doing to whales. Shooters commonly take joeys, cut off their tails and castrate them then turn them loose to die horrible deaths. They are doing it with the imprimatur of the government and is one of the most shameful practices that Australian governments have turned a blind eye to. Kangaroos will be the next Tasmanian Tiger.

Kerry Baker, Melba ACT

I suppose with all the animals in the world in danger and with humans being the biggest predator and yet no one listening it is on our shoulders everytime an animal becomes extinct.. But unfortunately humans are too preoccupied with themselves and their happy safe lives they don't care about anything else out there that fights for their survival daily

Jacinta Hamilton, Brisbane QLD

The slaughter of our national icon can be compared to the Canadian Harp seal slaughter ..... shame on us

Shirley Porter, Willetton, WA

Not forgetting the miserable slaughtering in WA too. Utter stinking wicked cruelty to our fascinating, gentle, beautiful symbol of Australia. The Lucky Country? Not for the kangaroo.

Catherine Carr, Karratha, WA

It is now supported by research data that kangaroos have minimal impact on pasture and do not compete significantly for fodder with sheep and cattle. However the Australian gov. continues to support the kangaroo killing industry and the cruelty inherent in it. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Halina Thompson, NSW

I feel that it is imperative that we implement a moratorium on commercial and non-commercial killing of kangaroos immediately for the sake of our country, our tourist industry, our economy, our environment, our reputation, and most importantly, our world-famous icon.

Randa Magdi, Stanmore NSW

Why is it that overseas folk respect and love our native animals so much more than Australians born?

Jaii Jeffries, Geebung QLD

It should be illegal to kill our national icon! Kangaroos are unique, with no other similar animal found on this earth and Australia instead of proudly caring for them (a major tourist attraction) we are wiping them out. Living up to our reputation for having the highest number of extinct and endangered species, in only 200 short years!


It's a national disgrace that the world's largest and cruellest wildlife slaughter is condoned at the highest levels of government, just as the koala and whale slaughter were in previous years. Australia is truly the cruel country. It took an American president to end the koala slaughter in the 1920s and overwhelming public opinion to finally end the whale slaughter in 1978. What will it take to end the kangaroo slaughter?

Richard Jones, NSW

I fully support a moratorium on the commercial and non-commercial slaughter of kangaroos in NSW, QLD and SA. We need to protect our national icon - not kill it!

Walter Kudrycz, O’Connor, ACT

I am against the inhumane, brutal killing of our kangaroos and am ashamed to be an Australian knowing how this we allow this to happen. Reports of the slow, painful deaths of kangaroos due to the inaccurate aim of hopeless shooters. More sickening is the fate of their joeys being decapitated and kicked to death. When is enough, enough? What has happened to kindness? I am ashamed and embarrassed of us as a human race. The worst part is you have to power to say NO-its that simple. What a disgrace.

Rochelle Rotondo, Townsville QLD

How can the government allow the slaughter of Australia's National Icon the Kangaroo? Do they not understand that it gives us Aussies a bad name? That we're more than willing to allow culling of our beautiful icon the Kangaroo all to seek profits, once again it's about the money, selfish as always. Kangaroo's are extraordinary creatures and is one of the many things Australia is renown for and the slaughter company and government is allowing this to happen all for the price death on their hands.

Tamara Dus, Wollongong NSW

To have leaders with ethics, compassion, and vision past the next election without their heads buried in the sand and the ability to tell the truth and keep their promises would be a miracle.

Janice Martin, Cable Beach WA

We are killing our emblem and in a very brutal and cruel way, we are killing them to extinction. The government did the same thing to the Koalas years ago and almost brought them to extinction.

We cannot continue down this unjustifiable path with consequences

Eleni Michaels, Appin NSW

The cruelty done to kangaroos makes me ashamed to live here and of my Australian citizenship. Australia is the only country that murders its own icons. America does not kill the Bald Eagle. I believe it is pure hypocrisy to have an animal as an icon and to use that animal to sell Australia and then to call the same animal a st, to subject it and its offspring to cruelty and to kill it The lack of concern for what is humane shown by the shooters makes me ashamed to be human.

Karen Deppe, Perth WA

The Kangaroo represents everything Australian. They're not a pest and they certainly should not be used to make profits for the meat industries. If we lose this great Australian then we will definitely lose our identity on the world stage and the World will be poorer for it.

Matt Tidswell, Adelaide, SA

Stop this senseless and cruel butchering of the poor kangaroos and wallabies before they became extinct. The government needs to conduct proprer scientific research on their populations before they order the butchers to kill them. Once extinct, what will replace the Australian emblem?

Lee Borbas, Phillip ACT

The continuous slaughter of kangaroos and their young is completely abhorrent. Commercialisation of kangaroo products should be banned. Studies reveal that due to harvesting preference for killing the largest males, kangaroos are becoming smaller ie genetic diversity is being modified. Kangaroos as a unique mammal species only found in Australia, should be regarded as an ecological treasure, not as a free product source for the commercial pet industry

Judy Messer, Balmain NSW

It's a shame money is so much more important than the survival of a species.

Randa Magdi, Stanmore NSW

My partner and I were disgusted to hear Tony Burke is looking for more markets overseas for kangaroo meat,and trying to get the Russians to re-open their market too! How can this awful man sleep at night when our national iconic animal is so threatened??

Ray Linkevics, Birdwood SA

Please legislate to stop the killing of our wild life, the potentally endagered kangaroo.

Are we to go the way of Russia, China Indonesia and other countries that do not protect their animals and hence Tigers, Orangutans and other species are on the world endangered list? Let us stop the Kangaroo slaughter before it is too late!!

Lili Ochota, Adelaide SA

Ridiculous. It is the commercial farming of animals bred for food production that needs to be removed, not our natives.

Kelly Crocker, Forestdale QLD

Stop the horrific slaughter of our gentle, beautiful, intelligent kangaroos. Stop wiping them out for the profit of a few. It is medieval thinking that governs the treatment of wildlife in Australia.

Bev Pulfer, Bendigo VIC

I can not believe that our government allows this to happen to innocent animals. I am ashamed of it happening here, I am ashamed of my government

Sharon Prior, Sunbury VIC

When are people going to realise that the mass killings of Kangaroos a year are just as shameful as the whale killings by the Japanese and Seal Killings. Australia is being noted as one of the biggest cull killers in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Parsons, Rockhampton QLD

Australias holocaust on kangaroos is a national disgrace. It makes me ashamed to be an Aussie. Wake up Australia & STOP KILLING ROOS!!!!

Tina Wilkinson, Harbord NSW

Shooting Kangaroos is inherently and unavoidable cruel. That human can sink this low is not only a frightening part of our character, it explains how we have bloodied the planet in an endless succession of tyrannical rule over all living creatures including people. Civilisation needs desperately to re-educate itself about empathy and compassion. This includes waking up to the fact that convenient justifications do not make the unacceptable right; they just allow atrocity to happen.

David Nicholls, Weetulta SA

I live one suburb away from the BNTS and I just want to say, that having observed (and heard, via gunshots) the methods of culling, I am disgusted that this inhumane practice still occurs. Also, it sends a terrible message to the wider community. There was a much great incident of cruelty towards kangaroos suring and after the cull. Try explaining a dismembered kanga to YOUR children!

Sally Atkinson, Evatt ACT

Remember the 'infinite number' of the now extinct American passenger pigeon! There is a lesson there for us in Australia.

Lincoln Young, ACT

I adore kangaroos and all animals, for that matter and to see so many of our wildlife being slaughtered is a disgusting reflection on our society and how it has become. Since the beginning of time, humans only took what they needed and so did the animals! Now humans and only humans consume everything in their path and leave so much! We are a like a plague of locusts destroying everything in our path! We will destroy this planet the rate we are going

Vicki Lloyd-Smith, VIC

We have massacred our environment and the wildlife in it enough. In this 21st century, time to stop the "cowboy" mentality and the unacceptable cruelty of slaughtering wildlife. What country slaughters its national emblem and feeds it to their dogs???

Marny Bonner, Alstonville NSW

I think that what they do to the poor kangaroos is just disgusting. and the poor babies is so sad. i think that who ever is doing this to the poor kangaroos should be shot. "i mean how would you like to be killed and then have your baby taken away from you hand have its head jumped on or hit om the side of a truck". and i think that we should all come together and save the kangaroos.

Rikki van der Zanden, Mandurah WA

We sing the national anthem, 'Our land abounds in nature's gifts Of beauty rich and rare' but the gifts of this land will surely one day only be found in the pages of history books if we continue to put value on profits and industry over our duty of care to the beautiful and unique sentient beings that have inhabited this ancient land for centuries.

Adrianna Butler, QLD

It is shameful that we exploit our national fauna emblem in this way. Many young roos are left to die lingering deaths because of the impossibility for shooters to euthanase all orphans, especially those at foot.

Please listen to independent scientific input on this matter and ban kangaroo shooting forever.

Tanya Marwood, Lesmurdie WA

The killing of kangaroos, our national icon, is barbaric, cruel and unnecessary and must be stopped. Like every other animal on this planet, they have a right to live and be free, and humans do not have the right to decide whether they live or die. We do not own this planet, we have not been given the right to control nature and we are not the only creatures that deserve to be protected. Without animals we would not have a world! How arrogant and uncaring the human race has become!

Judith Allen, D’Aguilar, QLD

I adore kangaroos and they are an extrememly intelligent animal. We can learn so much from their behavior by observing their bonds towards each other and their extended families. To kill any animal to me is murder and when I hear gun shots ring out from my back door at night, I feel sick to the stomach to think that there is going to be another family of roos left without a mother, grandmother, father or grandfather! The root of all evil on this planet is not only money, but more so men!!!

Jacksoni Lloyd-Smith, Dixons Ck, VIC

I have seen what happens to kangaroos when they are hunted. The bright lights shine in their eyes, and they are momentarily dazed as they are shot dead, or wounded. The babies are most times left with their dead or dying mother, and if the babies are culled, it it done in the most aggressive manner, not fit for any living being. They improve pastures, and they only breed if they have the food available. They earn billions re our tourist trade, the 2nd biggest tourist attraction in Australia

Penelope Bassett-Scarfe, Nar Nar Goon, VIC

has everyone forgot that kangaroos do not breed if there is conditions of drought or a lack of food?? They have a natural ability to slow down embryonic development if necessary and therefore do not need and do not want human intervention. We have stolen their grasslands & built on them,and covered the remainder with cows and now shoot them indiscriminately as soon as they appear...we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Barbara Lindsay, Marlo VIC

Having recently moved to regional NSW I have witnessed the type of inbred country hicks that haunt the bushland at night hunting for kangaroos. I have no confidence that these people are intelligent or empathetic enough to 'humanely' kill these native animals - if this is at all possible. To say that the slaughter and consumption of kangaroos is sustainable is a fallacy, let's not kid ourselves and stop the cruelty instead.

Richelle Roberts, Armidale NSW

Kangaroos are beautiful and I love it when I see them on my property, but unfortunately that is never often enough, as some people think they are in plague proportions, but that is so far from the truth! THEY ARE ACTUALLY BECOMING EXTINCT! And if the Department of Sustainability (Or the DEPARTMENT OF STUFF EVERYTHING) as I prefer to call them, keep giving permits to kill them to IDIOT LAND HOLDERS, then they will be extinct within the next 10 years! WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, KANGAROOS NEED PROTECTION

Julee Watkins, Dixons Creek, VIC

The Kangaroo is one of our National Symbols. Let us stop the rot before they are wiped out. If that were to happen by doing nothing Australia would become a world laughing stock. Let us get serious.

William Ryan, Kingscliff, NSW

STOP killing our kangaroos! Joey's need their mama's! The whole world is watching in disbelief!

Debbi Dorey, Melb, VIC

It is insane to continue to kill kangaroos while most of the state is in drought conditions. Not only are the kangaroo numbers already badly depleted do the drought but they do not bread under these conations. This is not control, its an extinction policy.

Phillip Relf, Newtown, NSW

npws have alot to answer too - stop killing these animals before its too late

Roz Magrath Holme, Cedar Ck NSW

The recent floods in Queensland and bushfires in Victoria that have destroyed large numbers of native wildlife add urgency to the need to protect, not kill, our unique wildlife species.

Len Mitchell, Weetangera ACT

With millions of animals and birds killed in the floods and fires,how can we allow "business as usual" ie:the shooting of our iconic wildlife so a few "cowboys" can make a short term living!It's a disgrace and makes me ashamed because we must look so bad in the eyes of the world.These people need to be retrained to do other work.

Alex and Ray Hodges-Linkevics, Birdwood SA


Justine Rock, SA

It is an unbearable thought that this beautiful and gentle animal may become extinct.The Kangaroo is Australian and Australia.This will be devestating to this country in so many ways...for one who does not think of the kangaroo when they think of Australia.So please try to be humans instead of just heartless greedy people and help the Kangaroo retain it's oh so rightful place in Australia.

Elizabeth Hart, Melbourne, VIC

Shame on Australia Shame on you Killing/eating our national emblem..Money will not bring these sentient beings back from extinction and killing all the gorgeous adult males that carry the strongest genes for the next generation the more you murder the smaller the roos will get and more prone to attack and disease. Think about it and then act on it..

Wendy Shaw, Allambie Hts, NSW

It is time to stop killing our national symbol, the kangaroo. Millions have been killed in the Victorian fires and Queensland floods in addition to the legal slaughter every year. Kangaroos do not harm the land, this is done by landclearing and introduced stock.

Narelle Skinner, Balmain NSW

Greed drives this decimation of one of our best-loved animals. I hope their skins will become unacceptable to importing countries, likewise their meat. The cruelty of the "industry" is known world-wide, adding to Australia's appalling reputation for animal welfare.

Olga Parkes, New Lambton HTs, NSW

Who are we to think we have the right to determine what lives or dies in this world. Animals have the right to live in our ecosystem as an important part for the survival of every living thing.

Tenielle Dior Matheson, Pottsville NSW

if this was a domestic animal, the outrage would e unbelievable, but even more appaling is that these animals are a representation of our nation. why are we killing them????

this is not only a crule inhumane act but it is also very un-australian. stop this now!!!!!

Ashleigh Adams, Southport, QLD

Imagine trying to live off the land as these animals have to - busy roads across your feeding and water sources, farmland cleared of your food, persistent drought, guns blasting at you all year round.

Bring in eco tourism and get with the 21st century.

Bev Pulfer, Bendigo VIC

In the current climate, it is imperative that humans stop looking at themselves as being the only living creatures on the planet worth sustaining by whatever means possible and understand that all living things have a right to be here and to live in harmony with each other.

Debra Fowler, Kotupna VIC

It makes me cross that humans cannot leave things alone. If it moves we shoot it and if it doesn't move we dig it up. What a future the young have in Australia. The rate we are killing off our native animals our grandchilren will only see them in pictures. The Kangaroo is a great animal and has a hard life without people shooting them.

Judith Littlejohn, Echuca VIC

There is no way I will ever eat Kangaroo or feed it to my dog. They cannot be lined up for killing like cows can. Therefore it will always end up in a bloody massacre. Joeys left to die or starve. Get real, there are not enough Kangaroos. It just looks like that because they are thirsty and hungry. Leave them alone and stop this commercializing of our emblem. Shame on you! Kangaroos are disappearing everywhere, killed by farmers, roads etc. Promote wildlife corridors instead!! Show compassion!

Bea Brinkley, Red Hill S, VIC

Kangaroos in 'plague proportions', 'huge mobs', 'dangerous hoards' who 'overgraze' or any other propaganda, are all myths and lies spread by farmers and shooters who have an interest in killing kangaroos for their own profit, or so they can take their habitat to use for their own 'hoards' of cattle to 'overgraze', compact and pollute the land (and creeks) so that nothing more will grow. How blind can people be?

Pamela Hayes, QLD

We continuosly complain and protest against the japanese whaleing ( as we should) but yet people are more than happy to support the crulty of our own native animals... People seem to be happy supporting a indestry by eating the meat of our native animals which gives the industry more and more reason to go and shoot and torture more and more native animals.... its just hypercritical

Jennifer Flack, Benalla, VIC

Our wildlife are already struggling with drought and climate change and loss of habitat due to encroachment of human development and industry in their environment, don't make it any harder for their survival.

Penelope Marshall, Opossum Bay, TAS

Kangaroos are free wild animals and not owned by us to use as we wish. They are not a resource.

Jenny Foley, Hodgson QLD

Due to the devistating bushfires and floors which have naturally culled Kangaroo numbers dramatically, why would you cull further numbers of the animals as it will take a number of years for the population to reach anywhere near the numbers for which this controlled cull was introduced

Peter Vaughan, Doncaster VIC

This is a barbaric practice clearly being pushed only by commercial interests, and which has already targeted the largest animals and is now down to hunting the smaller females (mothers), with frequent mis-shooting, leading to a slow, torturous death. As only 10% of a kangaroo is suitable for human consumption, and they cannot be farmed, we are only going to further decimate our native species and environment, and cause extreme suffering in the process.

Robyn Henriksen, Geelong VIC

The killing of 1 of our national emblems, an animal that is 1 of the worlds most treasured, is 1 of Australia's darkest moments. Given the Red Kangaroo in QLD is a threatened species & the Grey Kangaroos are being pushed into tiny pockets of bush amongst developments & building sites is unbeleivable. The Kangaroo is one of Australia's greatest assets & if only the Govt would promote them for tourism to generate $ for the country rather than an ugly shooting industry that threatens a species.

Sue Littleton, Armadale, WA

These massacres of kangaroos are Australias Dirty Secret. The fact is that in the relatively short time (230yrs) white man has been on this land he has 'managed' and 'controlled' one third of Australia's wildlife into extinction (the highest record of extinction in the world). Kangaroos have been here for millions of years and never have been in so-called plague proportions'. They manage their own numbers very nicely without man's intervention. Killing our National Icon is an embarrassment.

Pam Hayes, QLD

We need to recognise lies and propaganda when we hear it. Ie: Kangaroos are in 'plague proportions', 'hordes', that they are 'pests' and the most ludicrous, they 'attack' people. Macropod are the most gentle creatures on the planet. If we left them and their babies alone they wouldn't hurt a fly. It's humans who damage pasture by breeding large numbers of hard hooved animals, cause accidents, attack other sentient creatures, create bushfires and kill with weapons. We vilify those who can't talk

Pam Harris, Buderim QLD

I can't believe this has been allowed to continue. I have seen the cruelty of this industry first hand and it is sickening that the truth remains hidden while the hunters try to pretend they are heroes saving Australia from being overrun while they are reaping in their cash. Politicians need to go out and see for themselves what actually happens. It'll not happen while Politicians allow themselves to be manipulated by greedy cruel profit driven hunters.

Jan Gould, Silverwater NSW

Just now, Australia is rushing into even more slaughter of its iconic wildlife, by reason of the fact that the rains have come and roo numbers have increased. During the recent drought, the killing was enthusiastically pursued, supposedly because the reduced numbers of roos were eating too much.

One wonders what conditions may indicate letting wildlife live.

Diane Michel, N.Ryde, NSW

Urgent help for the kangaroos and their young needed immediately. They belong to this country, we are the intruders. I am so sad about the evil treatment of these beautiful animals and strongly believe that their image on the Australian Coat of Arms should be REMOVED and a gun in its place

Brenda Glasgow, Nana Glen NSW

Australia treats its wildlife with thoughtless disregard and abominable cruelty. Our kangaroos are not "pests", they are native wildlife! Overseas visitors love our native animals, they are an untapped resource for eco tourism, a win-win situation for all. Stop slaughtering our kangaroos!

Bev Pulfer, Bendigo VIC

It is time to stop hunting our national symbol. Even kangaroo hunters now acknowledge that populations are declining and the weight of animals killed continues to decline. This is because most animals killed are only juveniles as few kangaroos live to become mature adults. It is now time for politicians to face the truth rather than propaganda from farmers, many of whom have no interest in the survival of kangaroos.

Narelle Skinner, Balmain NSW

Bad karma for earth if we continue to treat animals as machines, and vegetables. Animals are living feeling beings. Humans need to start to show respect to animals, or earth is just doomed.

Louise Kahj, NSW

Stop this barbarity at once! The Kangaroo's are our Aussie Icon and you are permitting their slaughter or should I say MURDER! How about you advertise on travel brochures what we do to our Icon! Im sure that will promote alot of travellers! NOT. Grow up Government and protect our kangaroos!

Lisa Dwyer, Eton QLD

The misinformation around the "over population" of kangaroos serves those see the kangaroo as an "inconvenient pest". We cannot afford to continue wrecking this fragile continent without due respect given to its native flora & fauna. I will never eat kangaroo after knowing the true facts of commercial killing. What is being done is cruel, unnecessary and unsustainable

Loretta Smith, Northcote VIC

If any normal person treated animals in this way they would be in court for animal cruelty. If people knew the truth they would be horrified. Bring back Skippy so that people can see how beautiful kangaroos really are.

Jacqueline Barnes, Oxley ACT

This mass inhumane slaughter of this wonderful unique animal brings shame and disgrace to this country. STOP this reprehensible cruel butchery of our National symbol. Countries that condone this sort of carnage belong to centuries past, when ignorance formed a lage part of their thinking,or countries that have limited food supplies. Not in Australia. This shameful, cruel genocide of one of our most famous symbols does not belong in the country that I love. Stop the killing before it too late !!!

Norma Schofield, East Kew, VIC

Only a stupid and unreasonable person would continue to repeatedly do those same things that have led to tragedy in the past whilst expecting a different outcome. It is the synergy of factors that leads to extinction: habitat loss, commercial trade, non-commercial killings, farming and agriculture, and a lack of political will. Upon whose heads should such negligence rest?

Amber Hall, Lismore, NSW

Tourists come to Australia to see Kangaroos. stop killing them and you will have more tourists. The kangaroo is the emblem of Australia keep it that way.

Aline Sheehan, Clifton Beach QLD

Having seen kangaroos in the wild as well as in our backyard and knowing how symbolic they are for Australia , it would be a crime if they were made extinct .

Dorothy Robin Hansen, Nambour QLD

I am a population sociologist. Official definitions of 'roo overstock are vague, arbitrary, unscientific, use invalid, unreliable stats. Officials lack coherent theory of population structure and dispersal. Signs of fractured population structures, individual displacement and blocked communication between populations, abound. Individual 'roo size has shrunk through hunting. Species safety needs integrity of structure of 'roo families and clan - male-culling & fragmentation destroys this base.

Sheila Newman, Frankston, VIC

I adore kangaroos and would hate to lose these beautiful creatures. I used to have them on my property but now I never see them as they are all gone! We must look after our wildlife as they have been around a lot longer than we have and yet we have caused so many of them to become extinct since the arrival of white man to this country just over 200 years ago! We have so much to answer for as human beings and we are a cancer on this earth!

Vicki Lloyd-Smith, VIC

this is nasty stuff. you need to investigate decc for the way the are pushing the industry. something is amiss in that department. who is benefitting?

Martin Smith, Cambridge NSW

Kangaroo shooting is not only cruel and inhumane, it is now placing all species of kangaroo that are included in the industry code for shooting at risk of extinction. The legalization of Kangaroo shooting was a mistake from the beginning and needs to be stopped now before irreversible damage is caused.

Eleonora Gullone, Monash VIC

It is about time native animals were given the respect they deserve in Australia. We plead for whales and seals, while our own fauna desperately needs our protection.

Diane Cornelius, Seacliff Pk, SA

Kangaroos were once common animals over most of Australia. Their range is becoming restricted to isolated pockets, often around rural residentail blocks which keep areas mown. This has occurred because their natural habitat has been severely restricted due to grazing, agriculture, urban development and burning. Their demise is indicative of the incredibly bad land management practices that are still occurring across Australia.

Maureen Schmitt, Sharon QLD

to many things are being "managed" into oblivion by the experts who have the bad attitude " kill it, its for the best " if there is no money in it its not needed so kill it - this sort of thinking is without doubt going to make the world a sicker and sadder place forever

Daniel Gillin, Warrnambool, VIC

As the only continent with this unique macropod, the loss of such a resource and marvel of nature would be a tragedy, not only for t he people of Australia but for the rest of the world as well.

Margaret Stanek, Calliope, QLD

Kangaroos are beautiful creatures. The mummies of this species care for their babies beautifully, for example. We humans can learn a lot from kangaroos. It's ironic how humans claim intellectual and moral superiority over animals but are only able to exert such "superiority" through the cowardly application of lethal physical force or other forms of non-lethal cruelty.

Mark Drummond, Kaleen, ACT

Please treat our national icon with the respect it deserves, and whilst you need to address concerns from farmers and other companies calling for these killings - please do not put aside all your humane and moral considerations in order to do so. Find solutions that are cruelty-free, not threatening the endangerment of another amazing & unique species, and that honour our Roos as a symbol of Australian spirit.

Sam F, Mt Hutton NSW


Rory Burns, Glebe NSW

We can't take the slightest risk that kangaroos might become extinct. We should be adapting our lives to fit in with the needs of our native species, not the other way round.

Hazel Stephens, Coogee, NSW

The ONLY things which sets this country apart from other developed nations, is our flora and fauna...and yet, we're responsible for the world's most atrocious wildlife masacre. All killing of these gentle mammals must surely be immediately halted. The evidence, to those not looking for a quick buck from killing, is there. Please review the facts and Australia's official line on killing our gentle icon.

Melanie Tasker, Kooralbyn Valley, QL

Something has to change. The kangaroo industry is unsustainable, cruel and on a tourism side, makes australia look like idiot rednecks.

Dannielle Patterson, Tailem Bend SA

This an absolute disgrace. The Australian Government doesn't like the Japanese Whaling, yet permit the slaughter of Australias icon. This is the largest land based massacre of a native species in the world, and it is no wonder Australia has the record for the highest rate of extinction of native species on the planet. This barbaric massacre is only one in a long list including wombats, dingos, dugongs, sea turtles, etc. etc. It's time to wake up and stop this before it's too late.

Josclin Kelly, Kingston SA

South Australia killed our koalas to extinction in1924 all koala's that are here now are from Victoria, will we do the same to our kangaroos? S.A. is the only state that will NOT provide release sites for native wild life that has been rescued and rehabilitated.

Joylene Rodger, Willaston SA

there is only one Earth, let us hounour her spirit, guard her resouces and protect her creatures.

Kim Strong, Avoca Beach NSW

Why don't we start CULLING Politicians, a few less of them would be good, no one would miss them.

Gaye McCallum, Wolli Ck, NSW

This inhumane practice of killing our beloved icon in such enormous numbers is very embarrassing for Australia as a society. These are free-roaming wild animals and this practice must be stopped, for the sake of the species as a whole being saved from extinction and from a compassionate viewpoint about the joeys left to fend for themselves.

Jennifer Moore, Jindalee, QLD

Just because something isn't human, doesn't mean that it has any less right to live in peace on this earth than we do.

Heather von der Borch, Gurnerarch, SA

The increasing lack of kindness and compassion in our society is alarming. The lack of value for life is alarming. Biodiversity is essential to keep this planet, and therefore human beings, alive. The slaughter of kangaroos is cruel, unnecessary and driven by ignorance. Our wildlife should be cherished, not treated with indifference and disdain to suit the whim of the dangerously ill-informed. Stop this killing now.

Rachel Westcott, Bridgewater SA

Please make federal protection for kangaroos! No more permits for anyone to do the shootings on kangaroo please. Make law that it is federal illegal to shoot any kangaroos and goes the same for other animals such as koalas, wombats, bandicoots, bats, dingoes, other Australian Native Animals.

Debb Lovett, NSW

Barbaric, cruel and careless. As an Australian i sake my head that our Government allowes such a horrific act to be done to our nationally recignised wildlife. If only tourists where more educated on these doings and then stopped comming. Mabey the loss of dollars into the country would make the government clean up its act. I will spead the word until something is done.

Lisa Berry, Dee Why NSW

In ten years time, when the kangaroos are virtually extinct, what will we say when our children ask us why we did nothing to stop them being wiped out? We can tell them that we were sitting around watching tv and believing the hype in the good food guide...

Frederique Guthrie, Perth WA

I have just heard about this horrible slaughter of our beautiful native kangaroos. We have this majestic beautiful animal on our coins. But in reality we treat them so cruelly. I dont understand why. Why dont we value our native wild life. We value our pets more. These kangaroos should be given the same status as our possums have. Please stop this barbaric and cruel culling. What right do we have to do this to another species. God created all creatures and they all have the right to live.

Rachel Hollander, Brighton VIC

it puts a tear to my eye everytime i see a animal getting killed i am a animal lover and there is too many Kangaroos and other animals getting killed its the kangaroos land and the other animals and creatures out there more then the humans land Stop Killing

Samantha Moggs, Canton Beach NSW

I am apalled at Australia's animal rights and extinction record. It's humiliating especially since we are such a young country. You are contributing to this if you are not preventing it.

Fiona Barclay, Noble Park VIC

Now I've read about the slaugheter of joeys I will be determined not to purchase any products from retailers supporting this senseless and disgusting slaughter.

Veronica Bennett, Carrum Downs, VIC

When is the government going to stop such brutal mass killings of such gentle creatures. There are too many people in Australia now, we dont want any more, the fora and fauna will not survive. Australia is going to end up being just a total barren desert from coastline to coastline as the future slowly creeps upon us

Marilyn Mangione, Doveton VIC

I feel really disappointed with the human race when i read the incidents that occur. I would like nothing more then there to be legislation implemented to protect the kangaroos and their joeys.

Danielle Nedelkovska, Sydney NSW

All to often, the immediate response to that which has always been dealt with in particular way is to do the same thing over and over again. This has been the case with kangaroos for 200+ years and the results are telling - change the control measures or lose the species over time. Why must humans wait until the 11th hour b4 someone wakes up and says why are we doing this, we need to look at alternatives. I believe now is that time.

Wayne Ericksen, Engadine NSW

This barbaric practice continues because of a hypocritical 'turn a blind eye' approach by politicians and indifference by the media.

Brad Black, Nannup WA

Australia's unique heritage of indigenous animals has been treated with contempt and brutality since white man arrived. Australia is a nation led by soul-less politicians whose only concern is money, power and the ability to destroy this continent's ecology behind a protective wall of propaganda and extraordinary irresponsible legislation, which guarantees extinction.

Louise Hanson, Rivett ACT

We should remove the kangaroo logo on Qantas 'planes until we stop this slaughter.

Such hypocrisy.

Jackie Wigh, Perth, WA

Regarding: The killing of kangaroos and their joeys

I, like so many Australians completely oppose the killing of kangaroos and their joeys for profit, in fact I oppose the killing of kangaroos and their joeys for ANY reason.

It is about time for the governing powers of Australia to realise that the majority of Australians are utterly opposed to any form of animal cruelty - and you are seeing our numbers increase and our combined voice becoming stronger and more strident!

Kerry Bailey, Marrickville Sth, NSW

I am totally sick of finding out how poorly the figures in positions of authority here are protecting our animals. Stop throwing money at women to have babies and at people who had kids knowing they couldn't afford to raise them and that they were contributing to Australias over population and instead put that money to good use by protecting animals, stopping live animal export and buying our farms back from other countries even if we have to change the law to make foreign ownership illegal.

Vicki Sprowles, Sydney NSW

Killing animals is never justifiable in my eyes, and killing and eating symbols of one's own nation seems particularly baffling. It seems akin to burning the flag, however far worse because innocent beings are deprived of life.

Zuzana Kocourkova, Sydney NSW

To Aboriginal Australians 'the Spirit was in this land' but to commercialism 'nothing is sacred' so that even our national icon the kangaroo is sacrificed on the unholy alter of mamon (money). And where is the voice for good from those who are supposed to represent the people & care for country- namely polititians ?

William West, NSW

If this is true, it's horrific - how can this be allowed? This doesn't sound any different to the Japanese cornering and slaughtering dolphins' barbarically. I understand there are many products and foods derived from animals and I would like to think that there are strict human regulations in place. This sounds like a red neck free for all.

Shanna Colver, Warriewood NSW

Im so angry after watching this.

Ellen Hill, Palm Beach QLD

why do australians treat the poor kangaroo like the taliban kill on sight . the national parks staff dont care about them , I recently had one silly old farmer say to me i prefere rabbits to kangaroos . tourist come to australia to see kangaroos .the poor kangaroos need international protection because their not getting it from Australians

Sally hore, Armidale NSW

i used to live in the city [sydney] now i live in armidale nsw and iam disscusted by the attuide of rural people to the poor kangaroo the way they go on i thought the roos joined the taliban . these rural red necks wont be happy till there only a few in zoos . if something is not done soon old man roo will go the same way as the tassie tiger

Boyd Hore, Armidale NSW

Revulsion and disgust is what I feel, about the treatment of our beautiful national mammal the kangaroo. How can any human sit back and do nothing. What double standards to criticise Malaysia for their treatment of cattle. Shame on our Government-shame shame shame!

Leonie Swanner, Brisbane QLD

Killing our nation's most recognisable animal? Madness.

Hania Syed, Canberra ACT

Please Stop This Culling Now!! Before it is too late. Many people want their children & their children's children to know these defenceless creatures. I urge you to look at protecting the kangaroos not destroying them. Kangaroos are the original "Aussies" as much as the indigenous...they have no voice & who do we think we are as humans to make the decision of wiping them out? I am ashamed to be human...I am ashamed to be Australian...You are shameful!!! STOP THIS NOW!!!!

Justine Deering, Hamilton Hill, WA

Thank u for all the proof, heard radio talk & friends’ experience of road kill and shooters on hwy to kakadu. my signature helps the pain of feeling powerless.

Penelope Williams, Murwillumbah NSW

This country must have been paradise for these magnificent beautiful Kangaroos before the cancerous greedy white humans arrived. I am ashamed to be one of the same. Some of us won't be content until every last animal is wiped from the planet. I live in Gippsland, I have given my life to saving My darling Wombats, another Animal that is being driven to extinction. There is evil all around us everywhere. Why and how some people can call them selves Australians fails me. please keep helping them..

Nola James, Welshpool VIC

I love Kangaroos and I have tried many times to be a vegetarian but I would never eat a poor Kangaroo.

Ryanna Chenhall, Townsville QLD

Leave the roos alone. They are beautiful and majestic animals. Besides they are on our coat of arms

Heather Maurer, Canadian VIC

people say that it's Okay to kill kangaroos because they eat the grass that the sheep needs. But the kangaroos were there long before the sheep were and people need to respect that.

Ashlyn Butler, Toowoomba QLD

OMG!!! I had no idea that this was going on in our country.

It is disgusting!!! People!! Please start to care about animals while they're alive instead of eating them or wearing them. AND how could ANYONE do this??? It's so cruel and totally unnecessary.

Beverley Roberts, E. Ballina, NSW

This is a disgrace to kill these Australian Emblems. We are so lucky to have these unique Animals. What the hell is this going on. I am not proud to be an Australian when our Governments allow this sort of thing to happen. Shame on the Leaders of this great Country.

Warren Bensen, Woodgate QLD

I couldn't watch all of the video. It made me sick to my stomach and totally ashamed of being a white female in this Country. I'm totally disgusted at what some human's will do for money. They are the ones  like the animals that they are!

Kylie McIntyre, Forest Lake QLD

no animal on this earth can continue to sustain the numbers killed each year legally , illegally or by natural disarsters like the poor kangaroos do and expect to have a healthy population . there must be an immedate stop to this distruction of a species

Boyd hore Armidale NSW

Killing Australian wildlife for profit is unacceptable. There is no way to monitor the welfare of Kangaroos hunted in the wild. With close to 4 million shot in a year at night and in remote locations I wonder how many are killed cleanly with a single bullet to the head. This is just another example of Australia's indifference to animal suffering when it comes to making a dollar.

John Joyce, S.Melbourne, VIC

I am sickened by cruelty to any animals on any level and believe anyone who can inflict pain and suffering on innocent animals are sadistic & sub human and should be made to endure the same horrors they so heinously carry out.

Lynette Shedden, Cremorne NSW

What an appalling image Australia has for cruelty. What about the law of humane killing?

This and the inhumanity with cattle. You'd think we were a third world country

Daphne Dunphy, Gordon Park, QLD

National emblem leads to national shame leads to national extinction- yeah lets add another one to the list!

Judy Fair, Jimboomba QLD

Let us take care of what we have and not slaughter our Australian symbol for $.

Luba Ochota, Adelaide SA

We need to protect this iconic species and stop using kangaroos as a comodity. Evidence suggests that they are at a growing risk of extinction. Think of the futire generations and the income generated each year from tourism. Tourists expect to see kangaroos.

Vivian Zivkow, Nuriootpa SA

It would be nice if one day someone in power would say enough is enough. But I guess I am living in a fantasy world. It just makes me sad.

Diana Broeksema, Cowra NSW

In my life time Kangaroo's may disappear altogether. No comment I could make, would adequately express my disgust in the people responsible for this. For no other reason than free meat.

Gary Shephard, Cowra NSW

Killing things is disgusting. Killing things cruelly is reprehensible. Why do we always have to do things the mean way? Humans have to be the cruellest and most evil race ever to have walked the planet. How about just relaxing, forgetting the profit motive and sharing the last few years we have left on the planet with some really cool and interesting creatures.

Geoff Walker, Katoomba NSW

I live in Bathurst where every year we have the big car race. That is of not much interest to me personally but something I am disgusted by was the slaughter or Kangaroos and Joey's simply so humans could drive their cars at dangerously high speeds for obscene amounts of money and entertainment. Disgraceful!!

Jodie Molloy, Bathurst NSW

Seasonal fluctuations are no sign of the recovery of a species - a new balance has to be found between wildlife and human land use.

Suzy Gneist, Flaxton QLD

Jump to it! Save the kangaroos.

Alexandra Manzi Fe, Blue Knob NSW

It is amazing that we as a country complain about every other country carrying out this type of cruelty but we allow it to go on here largely unnoticed, time for this Government to stand up and take action.

Craig Woolfe, Wandin E. VIC

I believe that much more research into actual numbers is required. Anecdotal "guestimates" are over-rated and probably suit the proponents of culling.

Linda Leavitt, Calwell ACT

Please leave the kangaroos alone. They have done nothing wrong to deserve this, they were here before us, all you care about is money, you'll take an innocent life to sell a pair of shoes for $100. There are millions of people that need our help around the globe, millions who go without food, water and education yet you would rather kill off our Australian icon, our family, your family, all because you are greedy, inconsiderate, disrespectful and inhumane.

Shamona Stilianos Langwarrin VIC

kangaroos are wildlife, not to be farmed. laws state we can't have wildlife as pets, therefore, it is only commonsense that kangaroos are not to be killed for the sake of profit. kangaroos should be protected by law given that snakes are, and snakes are venomous!

Fiona Scott, Turrawan NSW

Thank you for your honour to care for our homeland and the environment of Australia and STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF ALL KANGAROOS. As we know the kangaroos and all native fauna are the natural expression of this land and they offer the natural fertilizer which is the most cost effective support to reduce global warming and the carbon footprint. By mass slaughtering these very gentle family animals we are only putting more pain into the land that is still recovering from colonial settlement.

Jennifer Stump, Maleny QLD

I am appalled & saddened @ the treatment of all our beautiful animals & wildlife. The horrible way in which one of our national anthems is being killed really upsets me. From being run over on our roads & left to die, some with joeys in their pouches to being shot for pet food & skins. We whinge about them being on our roads & land but they are there trying to survive because we are driving them out of their habitat due to our overbuilding on their land.

Lyn Bailey, Canberra ACT

The ongoing slaughter & cruelty of the kangaroo has to be stopped, otherwise the kangaroo will go down the same path as other animals in Australia and the world and they won't be seen only in photo's.

Lorelle Coward, Cudal NSW

Put a STOP to this unnecessary and misleading slaughter of these magnificent and unique creatures. Why are we slaughtering kangaroos in their own habitat to make room for cattle that aren't even native to Australia!

Kristina Iskra, Mentone VIC

For too long, Kangaroos have been mismanaged and misunderstood, They have been ill-treated, and shamefully abused, It is time australia took care of all its vulnerable wildlife. Cruel culling of Kangaroos must be stopped immediately. Population dynamics of Kangaroos and related species are ill understood in their complexity. It is folly to mass kill a species, when it is not fully understood.

Alison Polistchuk NSW

The OS shoe industries have an insatiable demand and influential and role in this criminal mismangement by state Govts, and we may have already achieved a disruption of kangaroo social orders and a narrowing of their genetic pool that threatens the genetic viability of these species into the future.

Mikah Fausch, NSW

honestaly have some morals and respect for these beautful animals who had rights to this land long befor we did , these beautiful quite harmless creaturse . Imagine watching you mother be shot and beingable to do nothing to help or your children being alone in the dark scared and hurt these are the fears these aniamls potenally face every night .. does not sound to nice does it ..

Elly Middleton, Launching Place, VIC

When I learn what our state and federal governments are allowing to happen to our wonderful Australian icon, I feelashamed to be Australian. The worst slaughter of native wildlife in the world, unforgivable!!

Diane Cornelius, Adelaide SA

Kangaroos live in highly structured societies and the killing of even a few of them completely destabilises this. Matriarchs that pass on knowledge are lost. Joeys perish. Dominant, strong males are lost from the gene pool. Kangaroos bond and go through incredibly grief when their love ones are lost. We would be outraged if human beings were to do this to each other so why is it ok to do this to kangaroos?

Nancy Ghobrial, Marayong NSW

Why do this to our National Emblem? Why the secrecy in how they are killed? ... Because you know caring Australian's and the World would be disgusted , and ashamed!

Jeannie Hope, Gold Coast, QLD

This is so unhumane and a shame for Australians. We are horified by this happening in Australia.

Tatiana Chaschina, Ascot Vale, VIC

The kangaroos cant keep on sustaining such loses and have a healthy population , not only the human killing but also the natural disasters that have happened lately . So please place a ban on kangaroo killing to allow numbers to build up

Boyd Hore, Armidale NSW

How disturbing that Australians would freely destroy the lives of Kangaroos; part of our coat of arms, and the reason why so many tourists come here every year. If a child lost their only parent, it would be all over the media for weeks and fundraisers but every day we leave Joey's orphans because we want a new pair of shoes or some "roo meat" to feed our pets.

C. Handley, Bendigo, VIC

Stop this brutality now. Never again will I buy any brand using kangaroo meat or skin. I am appauled at the horror humans can inflict on such a beautiful animal - or any animals for that matter.

Diane Lee-davie VIC

it sadden me to know that wild native animals could even be consider being used as a food source let alone the cruewlty involved in it, wildlife matters and we should be protecting it as it is of great importance to us for our fauna diversity is one of the richest on earth and it's already suffered enough at human hand, our country is blessed with beauty and people visit it every year to see our landscapes and our wildlife, don't ruin that for them. Please stop the madness.

Ryan James Hunter, Mt Riverview NSW

I am ashamed to be an Australian today

Wendy Churchill VIC

As an Australian I am ashamed that we have allowed our bureaucrats and politicians to permit the killing of such a beautiful native animal and Icon of Australia our Kangaroo. It seems to me that as a nation we are only to happy to have the Kangaroo as the logo of our sporting teams and business when it suits us but then turn a blind eye to the destruction of these beautiful animals. I would urge all Australians and people from around the world to voice their opposition to the barbaric slaughter

Gary Ridley NSW

I have great fears for the existence of Kangaroos. What you are doing is absolute cruelty and if you don't stop there are great chances that Kangaroos won't be around for long.

Jade Morgan, Morisset NSW


Tara John, Wauchope NSW

I can not understand the people in Parliment wanting to wipe out these incredible creatures - maybe if the Kangaroo's ruled the country and some Pollies were culled - we just might be better off- at least they won't destroy our Country with killing Animals and the Earth with Coal seam Gas Extraction!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Reece QLD

it makes me sick that our two face backwards government does nothing about this!

Tai Wilkinson NSW

I am disgusted that i even have to send this email. I hope something is done about this issue and it does not go unresolved.... YOU can help.

Alexandra Snell QLD

Disgrace!! Australia's icon and you are taking it from us!!

Patrick Kelly NSW

Australians should be ashamed that they hunt and kill such wonderfully unique animals. When I came to Australia 50 years ago as a child, I was shocked to see kangaroos slaughtered needlessly for 'sport'. I hadn't been aware of such cruelty to animals in England. Kangaroos shouldn't be killed for any reason as they lived here before we did. I am now an Australian and I'm deeply ashamed of how many of my fellow Australians kill kangaroos

Stephanie Thomas QLD

I am tired of the human race with its obsession in killing.

Stephanie Hawkins QLD

"In general, the use of a heavy blow to the head is not considered a humane method of euthanasia for most species". "There is also some question over the appropriateness of the techniques recommended for killing pouch young. Without specific research into methods of killing pouch young it is difficult to make assumptions over the relative humaneness of these methods compared to alternatives." I find this so cruel and completely disgusting, please do something about this.

Rachael Harney QLD

Kangaroos are part of our identity as Australians, to kill them off is to lose sight of who we are.

Jess Annetts ACT

Do humans really believe they are the only worthwhile living beings on this planet? It's a disgrace to see continual violence towards animals.

Kaye Baillie VIC

It is plainly wrong to kill kangaroos for sport or their meat. It is far from 'sporting' and there is enough unnecessary suffering of large animals in the meat industry. I strongly object to the killing of kangaroos for any reason. Develop a heart Australia.

Garry Thomas QLD

We live in Mount Duneed, and havent seen a kangaroo in at least 12 months.. its very sad.. the kids love walking out thier backdoor and having them in the paddocks, not anymore!!! We are forever seeing ute's with a spotlight and people shooting at them, they need to be stopped!!!

Bec, Mount Duneed

My husband and I purchased a little fruit stall business in the Yarra Valley (outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne) in August 2010. The Yarra Valley is a tourist region, hosting places like the Healesville Sanctuary, a few national parks, lots of wineries and restaurants.  So often, tourists, particularly overseas ones, ask us where they can go in the Yarra Valley to see kangaroos. All I can really tell them with confidence is the Healesville Sanctuary. There are so few places left now in the region where you can see them in the wild! Sad but true…  I wish it wasn’t this way!


As I travel through the Australian bush I find myself apologising for being human to all the wildlife I come upon.  And if you could hear a distressed animal’s quiet sobbing…what would you do?

Professor Steve Garlick PhD, FAUCEA

2009 World Shining Compassion Award

Founder, Animal Justice Party of Australia


roos tase realy xxxxxxx good. but i want my grand kids to eaet em to

Jack Clarke, Brisbane QLD

I seen your retarded add for the stopping of the Kangaroo trade money weel spent I have seen it once and it was at 10:10pm great amount of people seen that one and second and more important the 440,000 campaign by Phillip Woolley EU director of banning importing Kangaroo products into the EU has fallen on it's arse this campaign was the back bone of all that followed in its footsteps to ban Kangaroo Harvesting. since that failed attempt not a single word from the leader why afraid his a loser??

Kangaroo Harvester, Bourke NSW


“It’s embarrassing for Australia that we eat our own wildlife … I’m here to tell you it’s not right …. Simply do not buy, use or eat kangaroo products.”

“Yeah, I think it's an absolute disaster that Australia, the government, allowed kangaroo culling.”

“I have no fear of losing my life - if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.”

“I believe sustainable use is the greatest propaganda in wildlife conservation at the moment.”

“I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that's habitat destruction.”