June 2010, the Russian Trade Commissioner visited Qld to reassess the Russian import ban on kangaroo meat but was unable to see a single wild roo on his tour.....

In 2009 at Mt Panorama, Bathurst NSW ‘culled’ 140 kangaroos and their joeys in the name of safety for drivers on the track. Only one little joey escaped after her mother was shot. She was rescued and taken into care.

Bathurst Council in NSW state that they now have 'a policy of zero cullings’ and has turned to other methods of controlling the kangaroo population on the mountain during race meetings. It is due to an outcry by the public that turned the Council towards investigating non lethal measures.

Measures have been put in place to ensure kangaroos don't get on the track inadvertently at the Hanging Rock races in Victoria.

Peter Garrett, a big disappointment as Environment Minister ....

ACT government’s favourite excuse for yet another ‘cull’ - endangering other species such as moths, lizards, grass species ....

The Shooters’ Party wants to make it legal to go into national parks and shoot ‘feral’ animals .... which includes certain native animals regarded as ‘pests’ (e.g. kangaroos). If they get their way, there will be nowhere safe for kangaroos to live!


by Carol Yisitso