Good News

Large mobs of kangaroos are one of the great wildlife experiences that the Australian outback could offer domestic and international tourists. The kangaroo is indisputably ‘BRAND AUSTRALIA’ and the whole community could prosper from its continued presence and fascinating character. Tourists don’t go to Africa to see one wildebeest standing in a sea of grass but to see thousands. In South Africa, game viewing is much more valuable than cow/sheep farming. Why not here too?

If kangaroos were allowed to increase their populations, we would have an incomparable asset to exploit as one of the world’s great wildlife experiences. We are all made the poorer if cheap meat and leather from a maligned and persecuted animal is the extent of our horizon!

Kangaroos are worth $2.7 - $5.5 billion tourism dollars of a $71.3 billion tourism industry.

Compare this with a kangaroo meat industry worth $200 million. ???????

Some enlightened Australians have learnt to live with kangaroos and shared this empathy with wildlife, rooted in humanity’s evolution, with others. Come to Australia and share the spirit of the kangaroo mob – the supreme athletes of the bush. Demand that they continue to roam wild, free and unharried by the short-term greed of the kangaroo killers!


The most comprehensive site for tourists to see wild kangaroos. There are 150 + tourism enterprises that allow experiences with free-roaming macropods. Half are tours and the rest are wildlife parks and zoos, farmstays etc:-

Roo tourism trail

BED and BREAKFAST - Western Australia

Kangaroos rehabbed here and visitors can watch.

Susie Rowe’s place at Narandera, NSW.

Kangaroo Island, S.A.

Alice Springs, N.T.


Finally, Australia has a political party that will protect native animals and animals in Australia. If you are a registered Australian voter, please join them! Tell your friends. Go to


Download this report by the Canberra Environment and Sustainability Resource Centre

According to Lynda Staker, Lecturer of Marsupial husbandry and disease:-

‘Kangaroos provide a natural fertilisation of soil via their faeces. Their dung promotes nature's soil purifiers, the dung beetles. Dung beetles bury and consume dung, improving nutrient recycling and soil structure. The uptake of nitrogen, phosphorous and sulphur in plants was over 80% greater in soils where dung beetles were active compared to those where they were not. Tunneling dung beetles also assist root penetration and improve water infiltration to the soil, thereby reducing run-off.

Kangaroos provide dispersal of grass seeds to ensure the environment remains in a healthy state. Kangaroos provide a natural fire prevention by keeping grasses short and preventing understory kindle that dry out and feed catastrophic bush fires.

Kangaroos in Plague Proportion?

A healthy mob of grey kangaroos can number 300 or more, so what the average person perceives to be 'an over-population' is in fact a healthy number of grey kangaroos. Greys are the most social of all the macropod species and each and every one of their mob plays an important role in their very complex social structure. They are extremely maternal and close to one another. When one kangaroo is killed, others mourn for their lost friend, much the same as elephants do. When a mother is killed, the joey in pouch is left to perish and the out-of-pouch joey usually takes off in fright, only to die a very slow and painful death due to starvation and the psychological deprivation of being apart from its maternal mother. Eastern greys have a gestation period of 36 days, it takes 18 months to 2 years for a joey to wean from its mother, reaching sexual maturity between 24 and 36 months, so they don't recuperate from a mass mortality for quite a long time, in fact it takes 7 years to recoup their numbers.

Kangaroos competing with sheep and cows for grass?

Native animals play a major role in the health of the eco system. Sheep will pull plants out by their roots, kangaroos don't. Thirty kangaroos can exist on one acre of grass and the grass would still need to be mowed, whereas one young steer will decimate all the grass in one acre in less than a couple of months. Kangaroos are designed to survive on high fibre, low nutrient grasses. Scientific studies on what kangaroos eat compared to sheep and cattle have proven without doubt, that the introduced animals require more forage per kilo of bodyweight than kangaroos do, because kangaroos are more efficient feeders of their native browse than the introduced animals are.’


Nillumbik council, Victoria

Stirling City council (also lobbying Federal government for habitat protection)

Australian Society for Kangaroos (ASK) and concerned locals save hundreds of kangaroos in NMIT over 6 month period, with nightly vigils in Eden Park, Victoria

Brave man rescues drowning kangaroo in Brisbane floods, 2011.


Professor Steve Garlick and Dr Rosemary Garlick have relocated and monitored many hundreds of kangaroos with less than 3% fatality. His report was presented to the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference in Adelaide, June 2010. They regularly visit the relocated kangaroos bringing more rehabilitated kangaroos. Here is a photo of what happens when Rosemary, the ‘kangaroo whisperer’ calls them. From out of the blue hundreds of them all come hopping to her. Why don’t governments try relocation instead of culling? (Right: Rosemary rescuing injured roo).


This is where you can play golf and see wild kangaroos on the course. The club does not kill their kangaroos but recognises that they are a draw card because kangaroos are what make Australia unique and loved by tourists all over the world. N.B. Not all golf courses are kangaroo friendly – many conduct regular ‘culls’, much to the distress of local wildlife lovers and carers.

MEADOW SPRINGS Golf and Country Club, W.A.

Up to 200 roos frequent the unfenced Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club course and the numbers are expected to increase as bushland makes way for a new primary school and increased housing in the area. A spokesman for developer Mirvac Fini said it had moved about 190 roos from the Meadow Springs area to national park reserves in the South-West in the past three years.

MANDURAH Country Club, W.A.

Has about 50 kangaroos that live on its course and manager Sandra Lockhart said they came and went as they pleased. “The only time we have a problem is when they’re mating,” she said. “They’re very relaxed and our members are used to them being in here. They often bring their overseas visitors to come and visit them.” Ms Lockhart said many members patrolled the club’s boundaries to ensure the roos did not stray on to nearby roads. “Some of our members have a gate key and they herd them back in,” she said.

PINJARRA golf course, W.A.

Manager Jayne Colgan said that while kangaroos were not a problem on the course, she was in favour of relocating kangaroos as opposed to culling them.


Golf course manager Ross Hunt said the club had one resident kangaroo. “He doesn’t upset anybody,” he said. “He’s quite happy. But if we did have a problem, we would ring the rangers.”


Is very friendly to kangaroos. “To guide, support and seek opportunities and resourcing for the development of a Community Kangaroo Management Plan for Anglesea and Aireys Inlet district, which provides opportunities for engaging the community in the planning and implementation process and embodies the concept of people living harmoniously with kangaroos and wallabies.”


Near Daylesford. Hepburn Shire promotes the Hepburn Golf Course and one of it's features are the many kangaroos which graze within view of golfers.  It has become a tourist attraction and the brochure shows kangaroos on the picturesque course and choose Hepburn over the 4 other courses in the area because of this uniquely Australian sight.  It has been marketed as a bonus to golfers.

SANCTUARY COVE, Gold Coast, Qld.

Patrons pay $6000 per year to play on the immaculately kept lawns. Kangaroos are welcome but if they become aggressive they are relocated. LATEST! AS OF AUGUST 8, 2015 THIS GOLF COURSE IS NOW MASSACRING HUNDREDS OF KANGAROOS BECAUSE THEY FAILED TO FOLLOW THE PROGRAM ADVISED BY VETERINARIAN AUTHORITIES TO CONTROL THEIR POPULATIONS! BOYCOTT THIS LOCATION.


Moreton Bay residents are trying to get illuminated signage to reduce kangaroo kill on roads.

Kangaroo rescued swimming in the Coral Sea

Former Miss World says raising joeys ‘better than being Miss World, better than being Mrs Singleton and better than being a celebrity.’

Orphaned joey rehabilitated, released and returns with joey