Stella Reid, Wildhaven

International Tourists’ Comments


When someone says Australia, I automatically think of kangaroos.They are Australia's national symbol.They help make Australia special in the world. Please protect that special animal that occurs nowhere else in the world.

Carolyn Collins, TX, USA

Don't make the same mistake America made with the Buffalo. Act now to protect the Kangaroo from greed

slaughterhouse mentalities.

Byron Overton, FL, USA

Please give serious consideration to the issue of Kangaroo Management and setting of dangerously high commercial kill quotas. The short term profits are definitely not worth the long term ramifications of pushing this beautiful and unique species to the brink of extinction. You have the power to stop this. Thank you.

Jay J. ArmesIII, TX, USA

The Kangaroos didn't do nothin' did they? All they want is to run around the outback with their children in their lil' pouches.

Powell Hensen, Colo, USA

There are kill quotients on these animals when they are already near complete extinction?! Are you stupid, Australia?!

Leah Benson, WA, USA

To those who have the power to save any creature on this earth from extinction. Would you not rather see your name in the history books as a person who helped save an animal instead of a person who helped make one extinct?

Kimberley Lukasavitz, WI, USA

As an advocate for the environment, and one who understands that wildlife are vital in sustaining and balancing ecosystems, it is imperitive that kangaroos are protected. I live in the United States and can  environments and wildlife because of kill quotas at the behest of special industry. I urge intelligent foresight, and protect your native species.

Constance Franklin, Los Angeles CA, USA

I can't believe in this "enlightened" era that any country could still be killing wild animals. All I can say is there are too many humans and that is why this terrible thing is going on. I have lost respect for Australia though I do know you have troubles. Please work to save your "Roos"

Janet Burr, CA, USA

Killing Kangaroos? For athletic footwear? Are you Aussies out of your ever-loving minds? What would you call it if all of a sudden we Americans started killing the bald eagle and putting the meat in tins and selling the feathers as fashion accessories? You guys are nuts. Speaking of nuts, why not kill the koalas for nice fur trim for hats? Are you guys nuts? Have you been out in the sun too long?

Stephen Gyetko, NY, USA

Humans, the original weapons of mass destruction! "You can't change the heart, so you must stop the heartless." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Doris Muller, IL, USA

Please ensure me that these petitions are meaningful and will be taken in to consideration when presented to the necessary lawmakers. It would be heart breaking to know that all of our thoughts and caring and intentions to protect our country carry no weight.

Beth Haney, DE, USA

These are Gods creation and he meant them to be on this Earth! PRAYING THAT YOU WILL SAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS!

Rebecca Doane, TN, USA

As we damage any part of the web of life we eliminate a part of ourselves until we will be extremely lonely.

Thomas Rowan, NY, USA

Please quit killing kangaroos. When you think of Australia you think of kangaroos and koalas. We plan on visiting in about 2 years JUST BECAUSE of the kangaroos and koalas. Respect the animals you have and protect them.

Mary Lotts, AZ, USA

I can't believe that your country is destroying a national icon like the kangaroo, just like we Americans are killing off the wild mustang, it's got to stop! The people don't want this, so why are the governments allowing these creatures to be destroyed? I implore you to stop it~

Debbie Knockerbocker, FL, USA

This past year there were articles in U.S. newspapers telling us about the many fires in Australia. Also mentioned were the thousands of kangaroos killed. The Senate needs to start acting humanely towards species that represent their country and could, by disease or fire, be stressed to the point of extinction. Please, stop the killing of kangaroos. The poem, "Voice of the Voiceless", by Ella Wheeler Wilcox speaks of compassion toward all creatures. Please read it and show your compassion.

Kathleen Simmons, MA, USA

Killing these kangaroos and leaving their babies to die horrible deaths is not an acceptable action of a civilized country. Thank you.

Patricia Welch, PA, USA

This sounds like the same tactics used to wipe out the aborigines in the early days of colonization. What is native to Australia should be allowed to live and thrive in Australia. The wishes of farmers and cattlemen should not take precedence over the importance of animals in the ecosystem.

Patricia Losos, IL, USA

Congratulations! Now you can add the national kangaroo slaughter to your horrific treatment of the Aborigines on the list of Australian national atrocities. My Australian born grandmother and her ancestors are mourning in their graves! Has it not occurred to you that in 20-30 years the world's children will only be able to see pictures of kangaroos and have NO idea as to the unique character kangaroos added to the beautiful Australian landscape. THINK people! THINK!!

Rebecca Wells, TX, USA

Kangaroos are only found in your country, why would you want to kill them? We as caretakers given this job by the Almighty God are here to watch over them not harm them, so please take to heart the letters that are being sent to you and make the right choice, don't allow this killing to continue.

Ruth Serra, FL, USA

If you wait too long to impose a moratorium on killing kangaroos, it might be too late to save all the species!

Marsha Aronson, NY, USA

Your beautiful country is the only home to these magnificent creatures. They are truly your treasure. Please be wise and protect them.

Lynn Crandall, AZ, USA

It is a shame that in Australia there is not protection for the one animal representing this country. I respectfully ask to those in power to do something for the protection and conservation of this precious creature, to put some consideration ans compassion for this amazing creature and by doing so, continue to be proud of Australia, which in may other parts of the world is consider as careless and cruel for this very cause.

Genoveva M. Martinez, AZ, USA

Please, dear Sirs, do not be unwise, as we have been in the United States. When something is irrevocably lost, it creates a hole in the very fabric of the country and unfortunately regret does not replace it.

Lynn Crandall, AZ, USA

The protection of all wildlife is a world wide effort. I appreciate your efforts to ensure safe kangaroo populations.

Linda Gray, AZ, USA

Are you really that stupid to continue this horrific slaughter? I was shocked to learn of this barbaric murder in your country. Don't you know the tourists come to SEE LIVE Kangaroos - we surely don't want to hear about millions of dead Kangaroos and how these sick so-called humans causing the world's largest land animal slaughter! I was planning on a vacation in 2011 to Australia, but NOT NOW! Or ever until you STOP this hideous and grotesque killing.

Patricia Akers, COLO, USA

No part of the torture and murder of the innocent animals makes me want to to take my next holiday to Australia. Kangaroos are symbols of your country, not foot wear and definitely not something that deserves to be clubbed to death!

Sarah D’Agostino, San Diego, CA, USA

Don't you Christians know the Bible that you are stewards of all Life. I'm Lipan Apache & Aztec we believe all Life is related.
Chan Tlalok Rain Castro, TX, USA

find another way to control roo population. We are working on doing it here in the States with birth control in wild horses. don't have the particulars on this..sorry. Roos are much liked here in the States. You are killing your tourist potential!

Gloria Hafner, OR, USA

It makes me sick what they are doing to the kangaroos. I just found out today that it is legal in the United States to sell their meat. We need to get this stopped before they become extinct

Diane Schroeder, MI, USA

You do realize that the Kangaroo and Koala are the world wide known face of Australia? The described killings of the poor Kangaroos and their babies is sick and depraved. I suggest that you do something quickly to protect them or your people will be known world wide as the people who eradicated the Kangaroo. Is that the image you think will be good for your country?

Tori Wise, WA, USA

I am truely mortified that this is happening in your country I always thought of your Country to be kind and

compassionate people .Why are these butchers killing your countrys cutest icon THE KANGROO in such a ruthless manner. I saw the video on you tube of the men slaying these poor creatures with holes in their heads but not yet dead taking out the babys and grinding their heads into the ground & then string the adult kangroo on hook while the animal struggled.THAT MUST HAVE HURT THEM SO BAD.

Michele Mercer, AZ, USA

Dear Sirs and Madams: Kangaroos are not rats with tails! We here in the US are watching how Austraila treats its indeginous animals. There is more money to be made in tourism than selling their meat. Seeing kangaroos is one of the first things I've always wanted to do when I go to your country.

Please stop these atrocities! We think of yours as a civilized nation, so I was shocked to see such brutality. When I think of extinction, I think of what's happening in 3rd world countries.

Susie Wise, IL, USA

Wild kangaroos were high on my list of wildlife to see in Australia. I did get to see some, thanks to a local I met. If they become imperiled, Australia will lose tourism dollars because many people, such as myself visit your country because of the unique wildlife. Please end the slaughter before it's too late.

Jeff Ball, Sacramento, CA, USA

I realize I am not an Australian citizen. However, that doesn't stop me from caring about Australia's kangaroo population or from feel outraged when reading about how three million joeys have died inhumanely. That is too high of a number. Please do something to protect these innocent kangaroos and joeys, whose only crime is in wanting to live freely. Thank you.

Leslie Wantz, PA, USA

My life is filled with despair each and every day. The holocaust lives on. Human barbarians everywhere

Peta rakela, WA, USA

Thought I might feed my dogs kangaroo treats. Not any more!

Constance Diskin, PA, USA

As a former AZA studbook keeper for both Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos, I find it appalling that the Austalian government would rather kill kangaroos than export for improved genetic breeding pool. I am an adj. professor in the biology dept.of an area university. I believe wholesale slaughter of any species is wrong. Austalia prides itself on unique species. You have already lost some and now in danger of losing the T. devil. Killing 'roos! Are koalas next?

Dianna Voors, IN, USA

Kangaroos in the wild are one of the few Australian treasures. Keep them protected and thriving, otherwise Australia will suffer in terms of international interest.

Theresa Remley, Sacramento CA, USA

A lack of compassion is the biggest cause for the destruction of our planet. Please show compassion - the kangaroos are innocent and defenseless. We should be giving them all of our love and care, not our brutality. We don't need their products, they need them! Please make sure that it becomes policy to love and respect our animals. The way they are currently treated is a disgrace to humanity! Please love the kangaroos.

James Scotto, NY USA

I heard last week that kangaroos are on track to extinction in the Northwest Territory; this is disturbing and heartbreaking. The "harvest" of kangaroos is both brutal and unsustainable. I hate to think the kangaroo is going the way of the dodo bird; certainly the wanton killing is just as mindless and rapacious. Future generations will view present-day Australians very harshly for letting this present-day tragedy occur

Beth Sopko, NY USA

Boycott Australian tourism and products until this salughter is permanently halted.

Diane and Syd Marcus, IL, USA


Joyce Waldie, NC USA

This is truly critical...these creatures need protection. Once you have lost your heritage of Austraulia, you have lost it all..No visitors No nothing, you are doing wrong in not protecting this creatures. Please help, and I thank you for your concern!!!!

Marilyn Sass, CA USA

I've never been to Australia, though I'm trying to get there for 2 semesters, but I don't like careless treatment of wildlife and forests ANYWHERE! After meeting a few Aussies here in my local area, my heart went out to ALL OF THEM, people and wildlife alike. I know this because it makes my whole day just to meet another one of them, and when I met 2 wallabies at the California State Fair last year, I fell in love with them instantly! I want them ALL to be o.k.

Barbara Altis, Sacramento CA USA

Please consider passing this moratorium!

Margaret Ann Ledger, NY USA

In the US, hunters are only allowed to kill males so that the species can continue to reproduce and so that horror stories of babies being stranded and killed do not abound. Why would Australian hunters be allowed to kill female kangaroos and their children?

Heather Killough-Walden, PA, USA

this must stop now if it doesnt what will we do when kangaroos are extinct i know of a family that has kangaroos and I visit them and now if this continues i think they will be the only ones to have kangaroos left.

Jimmy Driscoll, WA, USA

This is the most unacceptable practice I have ever heard of. It serves no purpose except to kill an innocent animal and leave it's baby an orphan. Is this the level your people stoop to? Here in the USA we say NO to this and would never stand for it. Here it's called abuse and murder. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Did you know that people who do this to animals are 5 times more likely to go on to violent crimes. You may as well hand your family over now because they'll be next.

Kathie Sullivan-Parkes, VT, USA

Your wild life is a national treasure, unique to your homeland, and is priceless. Once it is gone, it cannot be replaced. There is no telling the damage you do to the ecosystem when a unique and wonderful animal is rendered extinct. Remember the DoDo bird and the wonderful creatures that are only an indistinct memory now from the Pacific Islands. Manage and protect your legacy of unique wildlife!

Mary Daniels, NV, USA

This is insane. What is going on with your country that you would drive the animal that symbolizes your country to extinction?

Joyce Gonzales, KS, USA

This is a disgrace and shameful. You should be ashamed to treat natures animals like this. It's sickening and I will not spend my tax dollars visiting Australia until I know this has stopped!

Lisa Perry, TX, USA

This is disgusting. I have always thought of Austrailia as a wonderful country, but this changes my mind. This needs to stop before all of these beautiful animals are gone.

Vicki Wright, MD, USA

Why is it that the two-legged Human Monsters HAVE to kill other sentient species they consider "abundant" or "in excess"? Animals are graceful, beautiful, they have their purpose in life, and are willing to accept us for our flaws. Animals are willing to give and accept, asking only to be allowed to enjoy life just like everyone else. In comparison the Human Monsters take and take and return NOTHING except excrement and death!

Aida Marina, CA USA

I don't typically buy Adidas, but I will never let my friends or family or anyone else purchase ANYTHING from them until they stop. The coolest animal ever should not be killed. Don't be a murderer!

Christoph Sullivan, CA USA

My father traveled to Australia on several occasion before he died in 2007, and he said "It's the most wonderful place on earth". I know he would want me to sign this petition, and would have signed it himself if he could. Please protect the kangaroos, it will be worth the money spent to make the money in tourism.

Alayna Neal, TX, USA

Extinction is forever; kangaroos are important to Australia's culture, heritage, and ecology.

Beth Sopko, NY USA

Kangaroos are extraordinary animals that exist only in Australia but are loved all over the world. Please reconsider your attitude towards them and look at them more as a living breathing asset of your country.

Ann Spurgeon, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Kangaroos are such beautiful majestic creatures. We should be so glad God has bee kind enough to bless us with such a Unique animal. A animal of such beauty and such strength.

Jamie Oliphant, NC, USA

You can see, so does the Kangaroo,

You can Hear, so does the Kangaroo,

You love to eat, so does the Kangaroo,

You love your children, so does the Kangaroo,

You have feelings, so does the Kangaroo,

You are scrared of getting murdered ruthlessly....well...., SO DOES THE KANGAROO!!

Jayachandran Nair, CA USA

Stella Reid, Wildhaven

YOU MUST STOP THE KILLING OF THE KANGAROOS. I have visited Australia 4 times and have only see a few Kangaroos near Melbourne on ONE trip. I did not see ANY in the Northern Territories or NSW, QLD. Australia will no longer have the ability to bring as many tourists in because of the killing you are going. It is shameful what you are doing and trying to cover it up.

Melonie Rockwell, USA

The civilized world is shocked and appalled by Australia's war against its native wildlife.

The hideous slaughter of kangaroos must stop! It is a blight on the reputation of your country!

Zelda Penzel, NY, USA

It is so much easier to "follow the money" in creating, passing, and executing (no pun intended) lesgislation than it is to apply civility and compassion to our legal dictates. Yet, we are quick to refer to ourselves as civilized.

Richard DeSimone, MD USA

Kangaroos are wild animals - not cattle or sheep. Killing juveniles is both barbaric and foolish - this is the way to extinction.

Deirdre Butler, CO, USA

We need to stop this, how can man kind slaughter something so innocent and helpless, but be against abortion, ITS THE SAME THING! Joeys are still in the pouch, which is the equivalent to the womb, yet man still kills thousands of mothers and babies without a second thought, i saw the video and it made me cry, man kind are demons, we're destroying this precious earth and all its inhabitants. We need to change!

Terra Ridgeway, WI, USA

I know we in the US are far from the land "down under", but all my life I have wished to see a kangaroo. I love them from afar. Please don't continue this insane slaughter for temporary profit. In the future you will be glad you protected your natural resources. We struggle with the same issues in the US and hope we all come to the same conclusions before our precious wildlife and wild places are lost to us forever.

Judith Enderle, CO, USA

Stop the slaughter of the Kangaroos in Australia! YOU ARE BUTCHERS! NO TOURIST TRADE FROM ME AND MY FAMILY!

Diane Kastel, IL, USA

How shameful for Australia; another country I will not spend my tourism in dollars because of cruel animal policies by the.

John Reaves, GA, USA

To see the beautiful kangaroos freely running through through fields, and then to see them being slaughtered... it is SO sad and makes me lose hope to see humans dominate and punish innocent creatures. What chance is there for peace when precious life continues to be destroyed?

Claire Abrams, WA, USA

I lived in Oz for 6 years and loved my contact with these beautiful animals...they are being killed and eaten with no regard for any individual destiny they might possess...what if a god felt the same way about us?

James Myers, Seattle, WA, USA

The things that mankind does to the earth and all who live on it... those things cannot be reversed.. The slaughter of any group, helpless and innocent.. that fall prey to those in charge.. Well.. I think the people in charge should hang their heads in shame... You were given a gift, one of many... it's just wrong..

Lorraine Keshner, NY, USA

Is there anything safe on this earth from man? We have become the animal who has not values or morals.

Elizabeth Ferrari, TN, USA

All Australians need to be concerned with the footage that has been documented in this film. The Government also should be concerned about the many issues raised in this film dealing with ethical treatment of wildlife, food safety, and other related health concerns.

George M Fuller, OR, USA

This is a shameful secret I am sure Australia does not want out. We are all led to believe the Kangeroo's are no different/better then sewer rats, or new york pigeons. This indiscriminate hunting needs to be regulated immediately. The killing of joeys is beyond cruel. I will not being going to see the kangeroo's this year in Australia like my family was planning, until I hear something is being done about Kangeroo Slaughter.

Bev Doter, FL, USA

Please! This is YOUR animal. You are the only lucky ones to have this magnificent creature. Stop before it is gone forever. You should be honoring this animal with the humane treatment and respect that it deserves and needs from you. It is dependent upon you for survival. Please I beg. Stop the killing.

Cammi Libby, WA, USA

When we lived in Canberra in 2000-2001, there was a mob of grey kangaroos across the street on a hill top. I felt much joy to see this unique species within a real city, with space to roam and breed. As an American living in Australia, I came to appreciate and now advocate for species diversity much better than by seeing marsupials in a zoo. Several photos of kangaroos in the wild decorate our house. The loss of the Thylacine was tragic. Don't let this happen to your kangaroos.

Nancy Mack, WA, USA

I love all animals. I want kangaroos to have a chance to live!

Sara SoRelle, TX, USA

It appears if the loss of Kangaroos continues in the sun burnt country, the American tourists won't be wondering if they'll see kangaroos hopping down George St. in Sydney. C'mon Australia, don't follow so much of the rest of the world and let your native species be decimated and possibly made extinct. Fairdinkum, here's one yank that knows you lot can do much, much better!!!

Glenn Ambrose, USA

Man needs to always be aware he is only a small part of a larger sacred community on which he is dependent.

Bobette Hudson, Rancho Cordova, CA, USA

As word gets out about how brutally wild kangaroos are treated in Australia, the issue is becoming Australia's shame; kangaroos are not vermin! (Even I know that.) It's absolutely true that the kangaroo is Australia's #1 national symbol; why is it in human nature to always kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Beth Sopko, NY, USA

I won't visit Australia again until these beautiful creatures are protected. Please stop the slaughter of kangaroos and ban kangaroo meat! Thank you.

Christine DiGangi-Hughes, IL, USA

Please listen to the citizens of foreign countries who are appreciative of your wildlife treasures and want to visit your country and pay to see the kangaroos, platypus and other

animals unique to your country. We are not interested in your shopping centers, pubs, outlets or malls. Please preserve your wildlife habitats and we will visit and pay to see the animals.

Mel Jetter, WA, USA


This is a disgrace, leave these poor animals alone. This planet has already lost too many superb animals as it is!!

Josephine Skitt, West Midlands UK

Why do we humans destroy all that is indiginous to the area just because we dont understand or want to tolerate another living creature on our our planet which we believe to be a pest to ourselves. they have a right to live also

Linda Ward, UK

I have just watched a female kangaroo being shot, her baby pulled from her pouch, swung around and had its head smashed. I can't believe Australia allows it. I'd expect this cruelty in China or Canada, but not Australia. $85 billion from tourism, and $200million from the meat industry. This video is going viral. Lets see how many tourists will NOT travel to your country after seeing this. SHAME ON YOU AUSTRALIA! The world is watching.

Sue Griffiths, S. Wales, UK

After travelling all around Australia I came to love the kangaroo and koala both should become a protected species.

Thomas Whitbread, London UK

Living in England I never knew that the kangaroos were under such . This distresses me very much. Please stop this massacre of these innocent and beautiful creatures

Sarah Bennett, London UK

Kangeroos and all species in Australia are an integral part of the eco system. It is ironic that Australia uses the kangaroo as its symbol along with the koala bear and yet is treated barbarically. Please shows compassion and outlaw the brutal killing of these beautiful creatures who have every right as the indigenous people do to roam around the country. It is us humans who encroach on their land NOT them invading yours!

Kam Dhillon-Rai, Kent UK

People say how Australians were originally exiled British criminals. When you see how

heartless and crooked the kangaroo meat trade is, you can see why. What a disgusting image of Aus this cruelty portrays. I eat meat, I hunt, im no PETA hippy, but what i have seen is wrong and needs to stop.

Robyn Brown, Essex UK

You can't hide this from international eyes.

Christopher MacKinnon, UK

After reading 'Kangaroo Betrayed' I am disgusted with the way your country treats such a magnificent and  unique creature.

Michael Grail, UK

As a 26 year old Biochemist, applying for my working Visa to move to Australia permanently from Great Britain. I am concerned as I plan to make a home and a family in Australia, however, I want my children and grand-children to see these beautiful animals in their abundance...not in a Zoo. Please think and act on the information provided.

Heather Lockett, London UK

Even more horrific news from Australia - it's becoming a regular news item.... it would seem that more and more of those in authority over there are becoming barbarians. This is a holocaust, to exterminate sentient beings is nothing short of murder

Viktoria Nealis, London UK

I am appalled with Australia, regarding the continual barbaric slaughter of Kangaroos,for their meat and skins.This is your national emblem, and you are butchering them to extinction. Kangaroos are beautiful gentle animals,and they have a right to be left alone,they have a right to live,its their Country too. Every Australian should feel ashamed,that the killing fields still continue. Stop this slaughter of the kangaroo now. We shall not take a holiday in Australia, we shall boycott goods.

Madeline Satchwell, UK

I will not visit Australia, and neither will my family or friends, until this vile and despicable torture and killing ends. Shame on you.

Lin Hall, UK

I just can't believe the barbarism of a country that destroys its own national symbol. What does this say about Australia. The cruel hunting practices against kangaroos are savage and really make me wonder about the kind of people who would do this kind of thing. I really think that those who murder these poor animals for their own "sport" or for a misguided excuse of conservation should remember that what goes around comes around. Remember that when you look at your children.

Robert Kelly, UK

Please discourage cruelty in your country. Here in UK we look upon baby kangaroos as little miracles of life. Man does not inhabit the earth alone. It is all creatures great and small which make it beautiful.

Pat Mear, London UK

I would not want to visit a country that allows such cruelty!

Hazel Webber, Kent, UK

It really is sickening to learn about the slaughter of baby kangaroos in Australia just so that greedy, uncaring business people can make plenty of money out of it. I used to have respect for the country but as it seems to be infested by vile sadists I have changed my mind. To those who carry out this evil act and those who sit back and let it happen I say shame on you all. Your sick country deserves better citizens.

Adrian Appley, Kent UK

I am currently doing a PhD in the Sociology of sport in Middlesbrough, UK and have a keen interest in protecting and nurturing Wildlife. I recently joined the WWF in the UK, primarily as a response to reading about the mass annual slaughter and planned cull of many Kangaroos this year -2009. I believe that ALL dignified and intelligent people want to put an end to inhumane behaviour towards animals. You are underestimating the feelings of repulsion it creates throughout the world.

Mathew Wallace BA(hons) MA, PhD, UK

As Canada's Shame is the slaughter of Seals - This slaughter is the SHAME OF AUSTRALIA !

Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwalls Voice for Animals UK

I'm sure Australia is big enough for everybody to live so why is this cull, slaughter, murder (whatever you want to label it) necessary??? its not,so it is purely for money. The sooner mankind stops killing animals full stop the better the world would be!!! Leave the kangaroos alone. I will not set foot in Australia till this murder stops!!

Kirsten Gilroy, UK

Absolutely barbaric treatment of a beautiful creature there long before man. The Australian government should be ashamed of themselves, is nothing sacred. I feel total disgust and contempt for the Australians.

Trudi Rankin, Kent UK

We are already campaigning against China and other 'backward' nations for their terrible cruelty to animals.....cannot believe that we now add Australia to the list of countries whose goods, tourism etc., we are urging the public to boycott. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA.

Christine Davies, UK

Haven't enough Australian animals died in the recent fires? Give them a break, for God's sake!

Anne Graham, Liverpool UK

Many people across the world strongly disagree with the kangaroo slaughter and urge you to stop. Please protect your native fauna - and we'll do the same in our countries.

Nick Jukes, UK

Commercial killing of kangaroos should not be allowed. Kangaroos are unique to Australia. They are a recognized national emblem and people around the world would be horrifed if they knew the extent of this slaughter and the cruelty involved. Most visitors to Australia are disappointed that they do not see kangaroos in the wild. This is especially ironic as the use of kangaroos photos and symbols is used in tourist publicity. The kangaroos and their habitats should be protected.

Colleen Jackson, Somerset UK

Please stop massive killing of kangaroos - it is the thin end of the wedge. "The extinction of a species is man's folly - it is the suffering that goes with it that matters".

Susan Drake, UK

C'mon Australia - stop murdering your nations animals - the world is watching and doesn't like what it sees...

S. Le Ray, UK

God has given Australia Dominion over these beautiful animals; they are unique to your Country and you should protect them with pride. Why are you working so hard to make them extinct? Sumatra appears to be doing the same with their unique Orangutans. Welcome to the brotherhood of shame.

Sally Brown, UK

Having actually helped rehabilitate kangaroos in Victoria - i find this absolutely extraordinary that your country continues to take part in this.

Natascha Rae-Miroy,  Surrey UK

Wake up! These kangaroos are your heritage they should be honoured and respected, loved and admired, not this barbaric medieval outrageous unforgiving slaughter. I hope this petition saves a much admired species: admired WORLD WIDE. Tourism wise, your GOVERNMENT will lose a LOT of money . . . I repeat . . . WAKE UP!

Vanessa Lewis, W.Sussex, UK

Nationhood depends on a wide range of influences not least how you are perceived by others. To kill off a native species would be to the detriment of Australias image.

John Whitty, Dorsett, UK

Please stop this barbaric act at once!! It is time for us to behave like the protectors of the Earth that we are. The innocent animals can't defend themselves and we should be ashamed of ourselves for taking advantage of them like we are.

Simone Moraes, London UK

Many British tourists will definately be put off visiting your lovely country if there are animal cruelty issues.

Jo Foley, UK

The country is big enough to share without killing animals that have been there before man.

Disgusting treatment of animals poeple pay good money to see and enjoy.

Trudi Humphry-Rankin, Kent UK

I will not travel to Australia until this ends!!!

Lucy Conley, Manchester UK

Kangaroos are what make trips to Oz. Dont let them become extinct.

Tomoko Matsushita, UK,

It is a disgrace that you are legitimizing the murder of your national symbol. You are fortunate to have these wonderful creatures living in your continent. Show them the kindness they deserve. My family, friends and I will never visit your country whilst you permit this wholesale persecution of intelligent animals under false pretences

Rachel Astill-Dunseith, Suffolk UK

Give visitors to your beautiful country a beautiful image-not death on a plate. Enjoy the kangeroos presence and appreciate them.

Paquita Perez, London UK

I was not aware of kangaroos being killed for their meat until now and am deeply shocked to hear this! I've never been to Australia but have longed to go for a long time to be able to see these iconic animals whom I've never had the chance to see in real life. I can't believe that Australia has started decimated its most iconic creature and its disappearance would seriously put me off ever wanting to visit this country in future. Please do something to stop this barbaric killing now!

Karine Chevalier-Watts, UK

Please, please stop this terrible slaughter. The national emblem of Australia deserves a better fate than being served up as an exotic food - and a very cruel killing - joeys clubbed to death or left to starve. What sort of civilisation is this????

Gwen Ware, Surrey, UK

I have never understood why Australia permits so many kangaroos to be killed each year. Frankly I consider it a national disgrace and I find it very offputting for any plans I may have in the future for visiting your beautiful country.

Sue Henderson, UK

Does not the Australian government think it a shame to wipe out it's national icon?Why does blood thirsty barbarism always replace compassion & rational civilised values?

Meher Toorkey, London UK

I am very disappointed that after several years of assiting to lobby the relevant authorities the slaughter of wild kangeroos continues unabated and in the same absurdly high numbers. It seems to me extraordinary that a country which has taken notable steps to protect wildlife on the one hand e. g. Whales and Dolphins, continues to regard it's national symbol and promoted tourist attraction as a mere commodity to be harvested regardless of the brutality involved.

David Knight, UK

the kangaroo is the first animal i thought about on my wonderful trip to your beautiful country. please do not let them die out. my husband was getting upset because we did not see any but we did see some in a zoo before we went home, how sad was that? please do not let them all die out.

Fiona Weatherburn, UK

Please do not let this icon of Australia disappear for the sake of demand for exotic meat on a plate they are worth much more than that.

Lynda Small, UK

Kangaroos are such beautiful creatures. My son loved hugging them. Please take care of them!

Karin Gunnarsson, Wales, UK

The Australian government laid down figures in 2004 in the Murray Darling report which indicated the dangerous levels of kangaroo plunder. These levels have now been met if not surpassed and it is time that this was acknowledged and acted upon. Stop this barbaric practice and protect the Australian national icon!

Zephie Begolo, Avon UK

The kangaroo is your national symbol. If you allow your national symbol to be wiped out by thoughtlessness and profiteering, you are sending a message to the world of incompetence, and a lack of concern for environmental issues which the populace will not thank you for.

Paul Nelson, Surrey UK

This animal must not become like the is an emblem of Australia..something unique to Australia and should be respected as such. You have have methods of control at your disposal.....Mother Nature will ensure they do not become to big a many will not have the means to survive....

The eyes of the world are upon you !!!

Carole Allman, Kent UK

Beautiful animals which were there long before man should be protected, there is enough room for everyone without conflict and to many people the main attraction of OZ is the wildlife...treasure it!!!

Trudi Humphry-Rankin, Kent UK


Australia without it's national icon? I wouldn't want to visit.

Belinda Bowes CANADA

Kangaroos may live in Australia, but they belong to to the world. I hope that the international attention that these killings are receiving help you to understand this fact.

Kelly Carson, B.C., CANADA

I am disgusted by the use of kangaroo, both the newborn and the older for the use of both the skin and the meat to sell to shameful men and women who can raise knife and fork to plate and cut a morsel of Roo and swallow it. How shameful have we become? Or better said, how shameless? The human species only needs grains and fruit and nuts and root to keep a healthy body. But the shameless, they must eat shark-fin soup, or Kanga steak. They decimate the planet. They are MONSTROUS!

Salome Waters, BC, CANADA

I was a tourist in your country a few years ago. My main objective was to see the incredible wildlife. So unique such as the Kangaroo. Thousands of visitors come for the same reason. If we just wanted sand and beach, we would go to Hawaii, or Mexico, less of a distance. So please, protect and treasure your incredible wildlife not just for your country, but the rest of the World. Thank you.

Diana Dayton, BC CANADA

Killing off anything is never a good choice. They definetly play a role in the ecosystem so its probably smart to keep them around.

Brittany Hewitt, Winnipeg, CANADA

I think chefs in Australia should be targeted for having this beautiful animal on their menus. Its sickening the apathy of so many people there. Dont patronise these restaurants.

Sarella Wray-Murphy, BC, CANADA

I refuse to purchase products made of kangaroo

J. Olafsson, Manitoba CANADA

why can;t we just let other lifeforms live their lives...its actually psychotic behavior to kill animals when they are becoming serves no purpose.

Ken Salmon, BC CANADA

I can't believe that this is happening! Since when did a country kill off the animal that is their national emblem. That would be like Canada killing the beaver or United Staes killing off the Eagle.........what is wrong in Australia, maybe the have had too much sun on their brains.

Tina Robertson, Ontario CANADA

I had no idea that your country was so backward. Perhaps you view the killing of these animals as fun? As evidence of your superioroity? Perhaps you feel that it doesn't matter, as long as most people don't know?

We know now. We see what your country is about.

Alex Lester, Ontario CANADA

Seeing a wild mother kangaroo and joey was a highlight of my visit to New South Wales. It grieves me to think of such wonderful animals being hunted.

Pat Bastone, BC CANADA

When will cruelty ever end. I am shocked and disgusted that this is going on. I've always been so embarrassed about the seal hunt in Canada, but this is just as egregious. Now the goal should be what country will rise above all of this and be the first to promote compassion and lead the world in that direction.

Jackie Thipthorpe, BC CANADA

I've heard that the roadkill of Kangaroos in Australia is a very large number. That is enough death! These are wild (free?) animals that should not be slaughtered. I ask that you do what needs to be done to stop this slaughter of kangaroos now.

Dianne Carlson, BC CANADA

Not only is this barbaric and cruel, it is also extremely short-sighted. Stop the arrogance and ignorance. If the almighty dollar is all you care about - as it seems, then think about the days when your tourism dries up....because it will.

Cathy Stockman, Ontario CANADA

Animal "management" programs are never successful for two reasons: science is flawed and does not take into account the natural balance of any species on any continent, and culling activities ar

Kelly Carson, BC CANADA

I urge you to address the overpopulation crisis, which is the driving force behind loss of biodiversity and extinctions of animals, like the kangaroo. Human numbers are far beyond a sustainable number, and are destroying habitat at an alarming rate.

Val Allen, Alberta CANADA

This is a disgrace on Austrailian's to kill your countries emblem, to cause the extinction of what or who represents you as a country. Stop the killing! How could you governments close your eyes to this? I will always remember your killings and disrespect of your emblem, everytime I see or hear about Austrailians. Shame on you for not protecting your own.

Teresa Turner, BC CANADA

Aside from the extreme cruelty - is this not extremely short-sighted for a Country reliant on tourism? Apparently the lack of morality does not have an effect. Perhaps the economics will? Whatever the motive - this must be stopped!!

Cathy Stockman, Ontario CANADA

Politics deals, agreements, all in the name of money or power. People are losing faith in their politicians, because they are not listening.

Teresa Turner, BC CANADA

We urge you to stop this atrocity and rape to your wildlife! Why do you allow this to happen? Train some armed rangers to protect your koalas, kangaroos and other unique wildlife you have for God's sake. Just like they do in Africa to protect wildlife. When you catch a "hoon" take them to jail for up to 5 years of prison. Ridiculous fines make them laugh at your authorities. Increase your fines and give them 1-5 years of jail to teach them a lesson and stand up for your wildlife! Please DO ACT!

Ericka Ceballos, BC CANADA

This is a national disgrace...the killing of these innocent animals must stop...if anyone has plans to visit Australia, cancel them and let the Australian government know

Earle Bingley, Canada

I would certainly never spend MY tourist dollars in a country that treats their animals this inhumanely. I thought Australia was a more civilized country than that.

Sheila Robichaud, BC CANADA

To justify killing kangaroos to help global warming is absurd.

If people truly want to help the planet, just switch to a plant based diet and stop killing all animals totally.

We don't need meat to survive, it's a proven scientific fact. Meat isn't conducive to a human body. Any kind of meat eating should be banned entirely.

Steve Richards, Ontario, CANADA

How disappointing. The rest of the world views you as barbarians.

Luree Dell-Bryan, BC, CANADA

I am as outraged about Australia's slaughter of kangaroos as I am of Canada's slaughter of seals! ANY government who openly advocates "management" and "harvest" of ANY animal species has clearly lost every possible connection with our environment and natural habitat. This is complete arrogance and shows utter lack of responsibility for our presence on this planet. You are in position of leadership! You are charged with leading the masses to higher ethical ground! You don't deserve any respect!

Jeffrey Allen, Ontario, CANADA

Please stop the killing of kangaroos immediately! I will boycott your country until the killing stops!

Bruce Foerster, BC CANADA

The Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. Why would you ever jepordize it? I have not yet visited your country, but have always planned to. But to be honest after hearing about this dreadful slaughter of Kangaroo's I have lost alot of my desire to visit. Please let these innocent animals live.

Julie O’Neill, Ontario, CANADA

Please dont do this. I want to come to Australia and see them alive. Plus dont give the Japanese govt an excuse to continue killing whales because Australia kills Kangaroos.

Joanne Siddall, Ontario, CANADA



Your tourism, your wool, and every single product I can think of!

Nelson Fernandes, BRAZIL

A Country of Animal SERIAL KILLERS

Isabel Gallo, BRAZIL

I USED to think Australia was a decent civilized country. Not anymore. The news coming Australian citizens about ALL the MULTIPLE forms of ABUSE to animals is simply INADMISSIBLE to me!

Paulo Andre Fernandes, BRAZIL

We will certainly cause you financial harm, by boycotting ALL australian products unless you STOP with so many hideous forms of animal slaughter and barbarism

Daniel Andre Fernandes, BRAZIL

What the hell is wrong with Australia?

Bernard Etienne Macedo, BRAZIL

What is WRONG with Australi'as administration? Have you LOST your MINDS completely?

Norah Andre, BRAZIL

It's a real shame all the pain people inflict on animals. We, the masters of the world, are putting animals against the wall, entire species dissapear just becuase our greedy. WIll we understand some day the this planet is not ours?

Myrta Montiel, ARGENTINA

It's so shameful for a country to be labeled as Cruel. If you only would have any glimpse of how much better you could grow your economy by respecting your own natural resources instead of promoting cruelty everywhere --killing animals for fun or for what you call 'industry' -which is not so- I please ask you to aware of this very soon. Please stop the Australia shame, by stoping cruelty against animals.

Marina Espinal, ARGENTINA



Gabriela Monne, URUGUAY

I can not believe just read what is a huge penalty .. I admit that I bought that brand tennis products especially but not anymore, after reading from where I'm not back to buy more. I live in mexico in the city of Tepic Nayarit. I am far from being able to help physically and I have no resources, but rest assured that I will help spread this anomaly.

Leslie Salinas, MEXICO

Kangaroos should be considered a treasure of Australia. Many of us around the world would love to go to your country just to see one. Respect your wonderful wildlife. PLEASE!! Don't let this fantastic animal be extinct! Protect them!

Monica Saucedo, MEXICO

Please help such holy, sacred creatures.

Greta Bonsema MEXICO

What is happening to mankind? This is to cruel. It is as bad as the chinese live skinning of animals. They are living creatures and do deserve respect. Animals feel pain and fear as much as we do. They owned the land long before man showed up to destroy it in every way. Please respect these animals: they do not deserve this

Ursula Braun Waldeck, VENEZUELA

I'm glad that people there is trying to save the kangaroo, it is a beautiful animal (and one of my favorites, too). All animals deserve respect and to be wild and free without getting worried about us. Thank you for doing this.

Alexa Jiminez, COSTA RICA


I didn't know that this slaughter had been going on, and for 10 years! Why can't man leave wild animals alone. They were there first. Australia is a vast country. Surely there's enough room for native animals and humans.

Sue Griffiths, WALES

stop this, how can your country be respected by the rest of the world, if you let things like this go on

Meitie Dekkers, BELGIUM

We must stop this slaughter. How can human beings can decide who will live or not. You have no rights on the life on animals. Let them leave in peace. Don't be primitive. I ask European Union to ban the sell of kangourous in all the Union. Russia did it. We must do the same!

Olivier Gomes, FRANCE

The Kangaroo is an Australian icon and the reason for thousands of tourists like myself to visit Australia. Kangaroos are responsible for such a large chunk of the income from tourism. Kangaroos deserve a great big thank you from Australia, not a culling and all the suffering as a consequence. It is a very, very shameful practice that should be stopped immediately.

Gerda Versloot, NETHERLANDS

Please STOP these crimes against animal, in this case kangurus. They`re living beings like us anda has the same rigths to live as we do!!! Let theme live and be happy in a world that doesn`T BELONG TO US BUT THEME ALSO! They`re not food cause they have feelings as we do and life without theme is a completly void-THEY ARE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES!!!!

Sonia Goncalves, PORTUGAL

Why should we, foreign tourists, come visiting your beautiful country if its more well-known animal doesn't live there wild any longer? Take a look at how we hunt mooses in Sweden, so the population never decreases! Tourism is a much larger benefit than hunting!!

Remi Bischoff, SWEDEN

Australia is very far, maby I will never see your land, yet the word "Joeys" bears such a sweetness... I indeed feel them near my hearth

Daniela Silverio, ITALY

Tourists come to see live kangaroos, not dead ones

Samuel Sautaux, SWITZERLAND

boycott kangaroo meat und companies, which sell products made by kangaroo leather.

adidas, NIKE, Puma, Lotto, Umbro, Jako and companies of motor bike dresses are among these companies.

tell your family and friends what is going on in australia. hand out the leaflets whereever you are: it is not enough to sign the petition. you must act. further information:

Markus Kontny, GERMANY

We are planning to visit Australia in the future, I sure hope to see a Kangaroo then

Monique Brandenburg, NETHERLANDS

Every Life lost is a LOSS to All of us....We are All ONE, Members of Earth Familly-We have to STOP to kill other Species, just because we think we have the Right, because we DO NOT! If we damage the delicate WEB of Life, The Balance that Nature has, it will Allways be us or our Children that will bear the Consequences! (Sicknesses, Earthquakes, Flods, Fires, Mental Sickness, Unhappiness etc). Every Creature has A PURPOSE a Life to live and we must STOP the killing, exploiting, hurting, torture.

Kingsley Aga, Bavaria, GERMANY

It's time for humanity to stop devolving and start evolving. Murdering creatures for our own selfish benefit is absurd.

Adrian Bravo, Dublin IRELAND

I'm planing a travel from asutralia this summer and i will like to see kanagaroos alive and wild!!! thanks.

Alejandra Catalano, SPAIN

Please stop the killing of innocent beautiful beings! Here in Portugal we cannot understand why there's so many people treating bad those wonderful animals, that's inhumane guys! Be better than that! I am sure that you live very well without killing kangaroos! Thank you! P.S.-I know that are many australians who think the same way i do and i join them in their struggle to fight this injustice


True wise, bright, righteous and modern leaders of a country will take a strong stand against any actions that stands for violence and cruelty towards their fellow species. Is mankind só incompetent that the only answer they can give is killing and more killing?

Henriette van der Voort, NETHERLANDS

lets not forget the main deteroration of traditional Kangaroo land has been used up by Big agribusiness like cattle and sheep which has destryed the landscape and caused extreme damage and extreme draught. If you want to help Australian wildlife, don't eat meat and don't buy wool!!

Sarah Grunwald, ITALY

Hitting sentiënt beïngs on concrete and brick solid rock, clubbing them towards slow painful death looks like what people do in China as well, ..does not Australia wants to differ from hellholes like China?

Sandra and Peter Sweerman, Amsterdam, N. HOLLAND

Shame on Australia! Stop the kangaroos' holocaust!

Jenny Rolness, NORWAY

Please protect the kangaroos from extinction by offering them protection by law. You are the custodians of a magnificent animal not native to any other country in the world and as such responsible for their survival.

Carina Eriksson, SWEDEN

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or woman for man.

Anja Kogel, GERMANY

The slaughter of indegenious animals should never take place as this upsets the delicate biomass diversity and creates an imbalance that is irevokabel. Please don´t do that spend your time and money on nature conservation and inviromental regeneration. Thank you for your time and effort. Yours sincerly Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen

Greyhound Action Denmark.

Kangaroos should not be equated with herded production animals. They are free-living wild animals, many with young in pouch or at foot, highly susceptible to stress. As a result, current commercial kangaroo killing practice is commensurate with causing extreme cruelty to adults and infants, the outcome of which is to bring great shame on Australia as a society. It is conservatively estimated that three million joeys have died inhumanely as a result of this cruelty over the last 10 years

Dora Hardegger, SWITZERLAND

Many Germans dream of travelling in Australia. but the dream stopps immediately in many hearts, by realizing cruelities against nature or animals. Please, consider your countries immage.

Karin Ulich, GERMANY

current commercial kangaroo killing practice is commensurate with causing extreme cruelty to adults and infants, the outcome of which is to bring great shame on Australia as a society.

Elisabeth Emami, AUSTRIA

Please stop killing kangaroos - they are the symbol of your country! We here in Austria would love to have some of them here and always thought that Australia is a better country for animals and men than ours .....

Elisabeth Richter, AUSTRIA

Stop the disrespect for the animals who were their long before you!! YOU are the invaders and steel the natural habitat of these great animals.

Inge Boey, BELGIUM

There should be more places where tourists can enjoy their holidays in the presence of WILD kangaroos. The tourist industry is important, and typical Australian attributes such as kangaroos can attract sustainable tourist projects. Skyscrapers and beaches can be found elsewhere in the world, less far from Europe. Kangaroos can't.

Nick Bersinger, SWITZERLAND

I am asking to stop killing these wonderful creatures! otherwise i will boycott your country and i will inform all my friends and family..

Anita Papassarandis, GREECE

In addition to being unsustainable, the large-scale killing of kangaroos is extremely cruel and unethical. Native wild animals have an intrinsic value and do not exist just to serve the interests of humans. There is no such thing as "humane" killing.

Simon Validzic, CROATIA

I came to this country to study my Master in Conservation of Wildlife and can not believe what is happening with your symbol animal, everyone in America think about Australia when sees a kangaroo, but we dont imagine what is really happening. please stop cruelty toward that amazing WILD ANIMAL we all love!

Daniela Castillo, Marsfield NSW

Its a shame that the very species that represents Australia is being killed brutally. I would never visit Australia as long as I know this hypocrisy exists

Nandita Shah, INDIA

I am sick and tired of the cruelty. Australian Government let down the whales and now the kangaroos. Is nothing sacred.

Beverley Pervan, S. AFRICA

I am sick to death of countries destroying their natural heritage. I will not be visiting Australia again.

Beverley Pervan, S. AFRICA

The Kangaroo is the exact essense that differentiate Australia from other countries, why kill this valuable asset – tourists come from far away to see them. Please stop this cruel practice.

Helen Dreyer, Johannesburg, S. AFRICA

Economic development does not necessarily mean "consciousness development". Am i right Australia?

Marietta W. Alfaro, KENYA

The quotas are way too high. A few years ago many kangaroos were killed by your wildfires. Isn't this an orgoing concern that this could happen again? Please, don't drive them so far that your country will regret the high kill.

Kathleen Simmons, AFRICA


As a returning tourist in Australia, I indeed confirm that my personal main interest in returning to Australia is its fabulous wildlife : kangaroos, birds, crocs... This represents an invaluable asset that does belong to Australia's land, not to its inhabitants, an unique asset that Australia can draw immense benefits from, therefore an asset the government must protect against all odds, including petty industrial or commercial interests.

Dr Franck Porcher, Tahiti

I urge you to stop the kangaroo slaughter. Three reasons, 1) it's cruel, 2) think about how you want the world to perceive Australia, 3) you don't want kangaroos to become extinct do you?

Andromeda Ridgeway, BERMUDA

This should never need a petition...what would Australia be without the kangaroo?

Maureen Sheridan, JAMAICA

I was devastated to see the 60 minutes program last night... to think that people can so cruelly kill such a beautiful animal, I was reduced to tears.. I grew up watching Skippy and was of the belief all Australians loved this animal, how wrong was I.

Susan Jackson, Wellington NZ

Ive just moved to Australia from NZ and im absolutely disgusted at the way Kangaroos are treated in Australia. Its a disgrace that will come back and haunt Australia when the kangaroos are wiped out..

Richard Browne, Busselton WA

PLEASE DON'T STAY INDIFFERENT. You Australians take kangaroos for granted, but they are unique animals of an unique species, I find it hard to believe any reasonable human being could be eating them ! Please please MAKE THE SLAUGHTERING OF KANGAROOS IN ANY FORM STOP!

Miriam Nathan, ISRAEL

This IS a horrible thing. People r killing animals for food. They are not human.they are devils. Animals are so innocent. They just need love. I wish god will punish them really bad.

Radhika Mehra, INDIA

We are applying to you on the behalf of Russian animal protection movement!

Ilmira Salikhova, RUSSIA

i love kangaroos!

Dmitriy Vadimovich, Irkutsk, RUSSIA

Stella Reid, Wildhaven

Kim Walpole

Stella Reid, Wildhaven