im 13, and how could i look up too you if your going to go around and sniper australia's kangaroos there inicent animals and i think you should not do what you are going to do!.

Stuart Armstrong, Homebush Bay NSW

I'm a youth of Australia, and last night i saw the ad initiative for this problem/situation and i was so extremely discussed. More initiatives need to be done about this and this needs much more publicity. I hope Animals Australia knows about this problem.

Emma Rushton NSW

I am eight years old and think killing animals without control is mad, stop it now. I want my children to see Kangaroo's when they grow up (after I have some)

Vanessa Charles, Elwood, VIC

If i am sixteen and can care about these poor beautiful creatures, i think anyone more mature can see that they should too.

Laura Montgomery NSW

I feel sick about this culling, please stop it now. I am seven years old.

Jaylin Brandenburg, NETHERLANDS

Kids’ Comments

I cried so hard when I saw the man killing the joeys. And some of the ones in the truck weren't even dead. Why must you be so cruel to kangaroos? My nanna has kangaroos in her shelter and they are the most beautiful animals. You should not let people treat them like this, - it's like Canadians killing baby seals.

Imogen Craven (Age 9), Mortlake VIC

I am ten years old and do not understand why people would do this it is stupid and cruel to hurt animals.

Solomon Charles, Elwood VIC

We're being hypocritical if we kill our wildlife and try to stop other countries from killing their native species. All animals and all wildlife have rights. I watch a mother kangaroo and her baby every day and I can't understand how anyone could ever eat or hurt them.

(Click here for kangaroo poster designed by Kitalia when 9 years old)

Kitalia-Rae Tasker, QLD