Blowing you a kiss - Kim Walpole

Preston Beach Golf Club ‘cull’, Western Australia

Hoons chased these gentle kangaroos on motor bikes, running them down and beating them leaving local carer Susie Rowe devastated. Narrandera NSW

The commercial kangaroo kill - not ‘humane’, not ‘sustainable’.

Belconnen - kangaroo ‘cull’ 2008

Boofhead Awards for all government bureaucrats who decide to ‘cull’ kangaroos instead of relocate them - or better still, design wildlife corridors so they can move safely from one area to another and not get killed on roads and not be ‘in the way’ of endless developments for humans. Thanks to Les Hutchinson for the concept and Carol Y.Izitso for artwork.

Some Australians love our kangaroos deeply .... when will the whole of Australia come to love them as much as overseas visitors do?

The following are car Accident and cruelty victims ....


The following fascinating case histories are from wildlife carers Professor Steve Garlick and Dr Rosemary Garlick, NSW:-

These photos are from various sources - let us know if you need to be credited

The following photos were taken by Stella Reid, of WILDHAVEN, whose wildlife shelter was destroyed in the Black Saturday fires in Victoria in 2009. How can anyone NOT fall in love with these adorable animals? More photos here.

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