Why - No Thanks?

  1. This is where you learn Australia’s darkest secrets – the fact that it conducts the world’s largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet. The fact that we have the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world, having driven 38% of our mammals extinct in just 230 years, creatures who have been evolving here in perfect harmony with the land for millions of years.


The fact that koalas were almost wiped out for their fur in the 1920s and still are greatly endangered by habitat loss, roadkill, dog attacks and disease. Yet the Australian government refuses to list them as threatened species! The AKF estimates there could be as few as 45,000 left in the wild. Yes, this is the species much loved by people all over the world that brings in over $1 billion in tourism dollars every year. Yet Australians have a pathetic attitude to our wildlife. Koalas, much loved by international tourists are on track to extinction in 2 years in Southern Queensland due to developments.

Kangaroos are referred to as ‘vermin’ ‘pests’ ‘feral’ and ‘in plague proportions’ yet they are gentle animals struggling to survive against all odds. In fact, kangaroos are on track to extinction (click here and here) due to government inaction, farmers’ killing, habitat loss due to developers, illegal killing that is poorly policed, lack of wildlife corridors and first and foremost the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia (KIAA). This year 4.1 million kangaroos are on the quota for the commercial kangaroo industry. This number excludes pouch and at-foot joeys who die cruelly when their mother dies.

Governments regularly conduct ‘culls’ of kangaroos instead implementing non-lethal alternatives such as creating wildlife corridors or relocating them.

Our government approves the relocation of tens of thousands of flying foxes so critical to rain forests because they are in the way of developments. Many die in the process. Or they give permits to farmers to shoot them.

Farmers can apply for and receive licences to kill thousands of kangaroos, possums, wombats on their property without supervision.

When will this stop?

Tourists come to this country in search of our beautiful iconic wildlife, are unable to find them in the wild and leave disappointed (see comments). When will Australians start valuing their wildlife as much as people overseas do? Eco-tourism is the way to go. People want to see more than scenery. A healthy ecosystem cannot exist without wildlife.

The purpose of Destination Australia-No Thanks is to firstly educate potential tourists about the hidden and shameful reality of what is happening in Australia that caring Australians have been unable to stop. Secondly to ask tourists to help in a very powerful way by signing a letter to the Minister of Tourism (click here) and to sign our petition – if you already have not done so. Ask your friends to do likewise.

We know that Australia has so much to offer to tourists such as the Roo Tourism Trail map  which shows where tourists can still see wild kangaroos. If Tourism Australia promoted this map it would benefit the economy in the area and promote a sense of pride of kangaroos in the locals. Instead the kangaroo-hating mentality continues in the media and in people’s minds. Also more farms could have kangaroo-friendly home stays, so popular with tourists. It could be a win-win situation and that is our mission - to help Australians change their attitude to kangaroos and stop the killing of them for whatever reason. They are, after all, supposed to be a 'protected species'. What other country in the world eats their national icon and feeds it to their dogs?

It’s time to slow the extinctions! Time to change Australia’s attitude to their unique and very special wildlife, to value it as an incredible tourism draw card - before it’s too late.....